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Lotus Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham North provides professional Carpet Dry cleaning and Carpet Steam Cleaning services by expert Carpet Cleaners Cheltenham North. We have performed expert Carpet Steam Cleaning, Carpet Dry Cleaning and Rug Cleaning for domestic and commercial premises. Call us today on 0425 029 990 for same day carpet cleaning Cheltenham North services.

Carpets, they are all over our house and serve the purpose of having a cozy and comfy feeling beneath our feet. But how many times has your carpet been through coffee stains and dirty footsteps and has left your carpet looking old and dusty? Looking carefully your carpets are filled with dust, foot particles and other particles therefore it is a major necessity to clean your carpets from time to time however simple ordinary cleaning methods will not do any good to your carpets. Your expensive carpets are in need to be handled by professional carpet cleaners therefor we would like to welcome you to at Lotus Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham North.  
We are professional and highly experienced carpet cleaners and we make sure that your carpets shall be cleaned by good hands not only that, your carpets will be delivered to you in a fresh and new state perfectly clean and spotless. We make sure you have zero worries while your carpets are being cleaned.
We follow a stepwise carpet cleaning system which will be carefully explained you before you may avail our services.  
You are environment conscious? Don’t worry we use highly environmental friendly carpet cleaning methods not only safe for you but the environment as well.
Customer satisfaction is our main motive and thus we make sure to leave you satisfied with perfectly clean and spotless carpets with usage of the latest technology and solutions, we make sure we are able to offer the best carpet cleaning services in Cheltenham North.  
Cheltenham North Carpet Cleaning
Maintaining clean carpets offers health and other types of benefits  
Clean carpets not only are pleasing to the eyes but offer various health benefits as well. If you are hygiene conscious family then availing our services will be a great choice for you as if will give you the following health benefits:
  • Clean carpets keeps the rooms smelling fresh and clean
  • It prevents any illness and diseases
  • The risk of insects residing in the carpets is completely eliminated
  • Clean Carpets improves the quality of the air
  • Carpet Cleaning eliminates pollutants which are trapped in the carpet
  • And much more benifits for your family and pets health.

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Lotus Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham North Methods

For a completely new makeover for your carpets we avail complete Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham North,

1. Carpet Dry Cleaning Cheltenham North

This step is performed without usage of water instead an absorbent is used which absorbs soils from the carpet by brushing through it in circular motions this process takes maximum 10 minutes. The powder is then sucked up with the help of a vacuum leaving it perfectly clean.
carpet dry cleaning Cheltenham North
Looking for Carpet Dry Cleaning Cheltenham North? Lotus Cleaning offers professional dry carpet cleaning services in Cheltenham North to maintain quality of carpets.
Lotus Carpet dry cleaning Cheltenham North services usually are being undertaken by delicate carpet owners. As dry cleaning is a careful process though highly effective and because it does not make any use of water is suggested to be applied on carpets which are expensive and are made up of special material. We provide best Carpet dry cleaning Cheltenham North services, call on 0425 029 990 for free quote. We have certified and expert carpet cleaners, they are well trained and complete carpet cleaning work efficiently with 100% customer satisfaction.

Benifits of Carpet Dry Cleaning Cheltenham North services

  • This process requires almost no water it also requires zero drying time. The long lengthy process of drying your carpets is completely eliminated.
  • Carpet dry cleaning does not leave any residue of any substances
  • You will not see any stain reappear again after the dry cleaning process as they will be permanently removed.
  • It is highly suitable for carpets which are made up of special fur.

2. Carpet Shampooing

This is one of the oldest methods used for cleaning works by applying a foamy chemical onto the carpet and then scrubbing it using a motorized brush. This removes the dirt which is stuck deeply in the carpet all this is again vacuumed.

3. Wet Cleaning or Carpet Steam Cleaning Cheltenham North

First the carpet is preconditioned using chemicals to liquefy oil based substances and other types of soiling thereafter hot water is being injected using high pressure undergoing this process the dirt particles stuck onto the carpet fibers will be firmly removed and dissolved into the water.
By adding a good quality cleaning solution makes the process easier and gives 10x better result. To dry the carpet the water is extracted using a vacuum along with all unwanted dirt particles and other impurities, this entire process will make your carpet like bright and clean.
Carpet Steam Cleaning Cheltenham North
Get professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Cheltenham North services. Call us today on 0425 029 990 for free quote.
Why should I steam clean my carpets?
Steam cleaning your carpet is always a good option and you can never go wrong with steam cleaning.
Steam cleaning is done with the help of specialized equipment and cleaning agents. Steam cleaning can also be said as deep cleaning as it cleans the carpet from within the fur and makes sure all the dirt is removed when the final steaming process takes place. Note that this step does not leave your carpet wet but as the excess water is sucked up with a vacuum.
Steam cleaning is also highly environmental friendly. Professional steam carpet cleaning also benificial for harmful germs.

4. Bonnet Cleaning

Here we bring to you a new method where a cleaning product is thoroughly mixed with carbonated water and is then spread all over the carpet. A bonnet which is also knows as a rotating buffer is run over the carpet this makes sure that all the dirt sticks onto the bonnet making your carpet fully dirt free.

5. Traditional Carpet Cleaning

The name speaks for itself; this is traditional way of cleaning and thus is most commonly used. Under this the carpet is scrubbed with a hand brush with water and a cleaning detergent and then is left to dry in the sun. Note that this method does not require any professional equipment or tech stuff. Though this method cannot be used if you have a built in carpet from walls to walls.

6. Encapsulation

This method again does not make any use of water and therefor uses cleaning as well are crystallization agents. The agent dries the dirt into crystals which will then be sucked away with the help of a vacuum.

7. Regular Vacuuming

This is our most popular service as it produces great results and little time. You can request for a specialized vacuum which works with a rotatory brush for an extra deep clean. This the after all the most trusted method by our clients and gives you the clean feels as well.

8. Dry Foam Shampooing Method

Under his method a foam generator is used which whips the regular shampoo in to a foam like consistency this is then applied on the carpet and the further process is done by its chemical reaction with air.
Same Day Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham North
Carpet Stain Remover Cheltenham North

Tired of seeing those stains everyday? Have you spilled wine, or do  you have pet stains? We have seen and cleaned it all. We are aware that getting those stains cleaned is not an easy task therefore we being expert carpet cleaners shall be cleaning those stains from inside out making sure there will be invisible to the eyes. We will get rid of those unattractive stains you have to come home to everyday. We will leave your carpet spotless and stain free. To make your carpet look spotless go for carpet stain remover Cheltenham North services, contact us today on 0425 025 990

Carpet Sanitization Cheltenham North

To sanitize your carpet you can avail Lotus carpet sanitization service. A dirty carpet is not attractive to look at nor to step on. It is filled with dirt and fungus leaving it unhygienic and a mosquito attracter. This is why carpets need to be sanitized; carpets are usually cleaned but rarely ever sanitized. Lotus carpet sanitization Cheltenham North process will not disappoint you, so feel free to try it out.

Carpet Deodorizing Cheltenham North

For a fresh smelling carpet we have for you carpet deodorization. A foul unpleasant smell is never pleasant. It occurs when you tend to eat in a carpet covered room or even smoke. The pollutants from the environment also tend cause bad odors.
The solution to this is carpet deodorizing. Lotus professional Carpet Cleaners Cheltenham North can neutralizing various unpleasant odors. The foul smell occurs due to fungus and food and dust particles which are stuck deep inside therefore in order to remove the smell we would have to remove all the dirt first and then deodorize to leave a fresh feel.
Make your carpets smell fresher than ever, just call Cheltenham North Carpet Cleaning on 0425 029 990
Dry Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham North
Same day Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham North services
Are you in a time crunch and looking for a same day cleaning service then we has you covered?
Our trained carpet cleaning Cheltenham North professionals will make sure every inch of your carpet is cleaned without undertaking hurry-no efforts way. Same day carpet cleaning services are popular in Cheltenham North and are recommended if you wish to have a day specially dedicated to cleaning.

Can we clean your office carpets as well?  (Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham North services)

Surely we can, our specialized commercial carpet cleaners Cheltenham North team are able to clean your office carpet or other large areas.To give your carpet a longer life we are able to provide high traffic carpet cleaning Cheltenham North services.
We suggest you commercial carpet cleaning Cheltenham North because it is a must to keep your surroundings clean in order to perform productive work. Not that professionally cleaned carpets extends life to your carpets as well as provides a feeling of freshness.

Local Carpet Cleaners Cheltenham North - We are in your locality

Call us any time on 0425 029 990 and we will be ringing your doorbell within hours because we provide the best local carpet cleaning service in Cheltenham North. Our motto is to provide the best quality carpet cleaning services in Cheltenham North, and yet we are close to achieving this. We know what's best for you, your carpet and the environment and therefore we leave you with the best. We also provide full protection to your carpets.

cleaning experts

  • 20 March 2017
  • I've called Lotus Cleaning for 2 occasions to clean my second floor and stairway Berber carpeting. It always looks like new after they've finished. They're courteous, fast and thorough. Highly recommend!
  • - eli

Professional Carpet Cleaner

  • 14 March 2017
  • Great service, done Job in complete professional manners.
  • - Lisa

best carpet cleaning

  • 22 February 2017
  • Excellent service. Coffee on light colored carpet and stains in other rooms all of which were removed by Lotus Carpet Cleaning. The carpets are three years old but now look like new. A very efficient service and I am very happy to recommend Lotus Cleaning. Their charges are very fair and very reasonable.
  • - roger

Good work

  • 03 September 2016
  • Your steam dry cleaning on Carpet is very good
  • - Ruby


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