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Curtain Cleaning Rowville

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Curtains are also called as the final touch ups to a home, they are also the most seen by us.
Overtime curtains loose its shape and colour.
This shows that curtains are in need of a deep clean and wash, however an ordinary wash in the washing machine won't do any good to your curtains, therefore we are here to offer you professional curtain cleaning Rowville service at you doorstep.
Curtains need to be tamed  in order to look bright new again, we are sure you have a lot of them.
Your homes are filled with curtains and drapes and change the entire atmosphere, a bright clean curtain can change up your entire room, getting those cleaned isn't an easy task but we make it seem like our cup of tea.

Why you choose professional curtain cleaning Rowville service?

Because, cleaning your curtains in an unprofessional way can only do more harm to them, the dirt piled up can go further into the curtain, and not having proper knowledge about using the right cleaning agents for the right fabric isn't essential as well. And to prevent this we recommend using our professional service for your expensive curtains.

What material are your curtains made up of?

Curtains come in all types of fabric and different cleaning methods and techniques are required due to this.
We carefully examine and inspect your curtains and focus on what they are made up of, accordingly we proceed with cleaning your curtains. We also make use of powerful cleaning solutions and extraction machines to get rid of any dirt from those thicker curtains out there.
A milder cleaning agent is used for curtains which are more prone to colour loss.
We make sure we use the right curtain cleaning technique for the right curtains.

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Get an “in depth” of our curtain cleaning Rowville service

Our way of cleaning curtains will prolong the life of your curtains, once they have gone through our process they need not require frequent cleaning as our cleaning process carefully goes through your curtains and leaves them perfectly clean like never seen before.
  • Pre Inspection: Your curtains will be carefully examined to bring any stains or other highly affected areas to our notice.
  • Curtain Vacuuming: We remove all the loose dust from your curtains with the help of a suitable vacuum
  • Pre Spotting: Spots and stains are difficult to handle therefore we treat them first with a cleaning agent.
  • Cleaning: We use steam/dry cleaning method and eco friendly curtain cleaning products according ton your curtain material.
  • Drying: Drying those curtains is may take a while but using our advance drying technology we perform this step in no time.
  • Delivery: The clean curtains are hang back by our trained curtain cleaners.

Choose curtain steam cleaning Rowville services for your curtains

One of our more popular service is to steam clean curtains to get even better results. This process has gained popularity because it eliminates drying time making the cleaning process faster and less time consuming.
Steam cleaning is performed by spraying a hot solution on the curtains and then vacuuming it with the help of a powerful suction cup, this entire process will form a steam and leaves your curtains as new as ever.

Ever thought of dry cleaning your curtains?

Dry cleaning is chosen especially if you have curtains made up of delicate fabric. As dry cleaning is not necessary the most effective method of cleaning but it is the one of the fastest.
Dry cleaning is recommended by us only if you have curtains which are not made of acrylic yarns.
Remember we can always check your curtains and recommend you the suitable cleaning service.

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What types of curtains do we clean?

We clean all kinds of curtains such as:
  • Sheer curtains
  • (Double) Box pleated curtains
  • Goblet pleat curtains
  • Pinch Pleated Curtains
  • Tab Top Curtains
  • Rod pocket curtains
And so many more…
We have dealt with all the above mentioned curtains and have left the customers fully satisfied.

Drapes Cleaning Rowville

Besides curtains we also offer drapery cleaning service for schools, restaurants and all other suitable places.
As they say “read the label carefully” we fully follow this system and take special care for your special drapes.
We are specialized in cleaning some not so common fabrics like silk, velvet or other.
Clean drapery is what we leave you with.
Call 0425 029 990 today, get a free price quote for the cleaning of your draperies.

Drapery Cleaning Rowville

Same Day Curtain Cleaning Rowville

Get your curtains cleaned the day you called us itself.
If you are looking for same day curtain cleaning Rowville services then feel free to avail our same day cleaning service because we got you covered even during a time crunch.
Are same day cleaning service is performed with care and without any hurry? A fully satisfied result is guaranteed.
Note that we are available 24/7 so feel free to call us on 0425 029 990 any time during your suitable hours and we go according to your schedule.

100% Customer satisfaction is our guarantee, We ensure a top quality curtain clean with professional machinery, to breath new life into both older curtains and new curtains.

Commercial Curtain Cleaning Rowville

On Site Curtain Cleaning Rowville

See how we clean your curtains.
Our popular on site curtain cleaning Rowville service enables you to see how your curtains get cleaned using our special techniques and cleaning methods. Service is also popular because curtains need not be taken down and yet can get perfectly cleaned.
Don't mind us taking over your curtains?
Then go for off site curtain cleaning services where we will borrow your curtains and return them in an unrecognisable state, perfectly clean curtains is what you will get your hands on. You can trust us with your curtains and keep your worries aside because we are professionals and we know what we are working with.

Local Curtain Cleaners Rowville

We are your local curtain cleaners and can be at your doorstep in no time.
We make use of highly advanced equipment and have the perfect now how about the usage for the same. We, being your local curtain cleaners are environment conscious as well. We care for you and clean curtains and will leave you perfectly satisfied.

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  • 16 May 2017
  • I hired Lotus Cleaning yesterday for my office curtains and blind cleaning job and they done all job on same day in efficient manner. I am very satisfied with their curtain cleaning service.
  • - devid

great job

  • 17 March 2017
  • They were on time and did a great job for exactly what they quoted to me on the phone. Do not hesitate to call!
  • - henry

professional curtain cleaners

  • 14 February 2017
  • Excellent & Professional service. The job was Very Well done and Very Friendly and accommodating Staff. My office curtains looks like new and refresh.
  • - mathew


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