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Lotus Cleaning is perfect for Mattress Cleaning Exford, Call now on 0425 029 990 for Mattress Dry Cleaning and Mattress Steam Cleaning Exford.

Have problems sleeping at night?
If you don't get a good night’s sleep your whole day may fall in water therefore a good sound sleep is always a plus, your mattress plays a great role in your sleeping issues, it may be worn out or even the fact that your mattress hasn't been cleaned for a while may bother you.
With time passing by it is essential if you get you mattress professionally cleaned as it will do good to you and your mattress as well. Ordinary mattress cleaning services won't make a big difference however, getting your mattress professionally cleaned will visibly proof the changes done to your mattress.
Do we use eco-friendly products?
Yes! We certainly do,
We care about your health and therefor will not make use of any harmful chemicals.
The products we use will make your mattress have the same comfort it had when you newly bought it.

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Why choose our mattress cleaning Exford service?

  • We are experts and do whatever it takes to leave you with a clean mattress.
  • Our mattress cleaners are fully trained and have a wide experience in the field of mattress cleaning
  • We make use of professional equipment which will not ruin your mattress in any way
  • You can take benefit of our 24/7 availability, so feel free to call us incase of an emergency
  • We use environmental friendly chemicals for cleaning your mattresses
  • We steam clean mattresses by using hot water extraction method
  • We will be removing all bacteria, dirt and other unwanted particles.
  • No chemical residue will be left after the cleaning process is finished
  • We will remove invisible all stains
  • Every side of the mattress will be cleaned.
  • We will provide your mattress with a lot more years

Mattress Steam Cleaning Exford

Steam cleaning is great if you want your mattress to have a deep clean from every side and angle.
The heat which the steamer provides will get rid of all the bacteria itself and all other dirt and dust particles and other germs will be melted away in the process.
We perform this process with the help of special steam cleaning equipment and we have the expertised knowledge and nowhow to use those equipment.
Mattress Steam Cleaning Exford

Lotus Mattress Cleaning is best mattress cleaning service in all across Exford. Call us today on 0425 029 990 for free quote

Mattress dry Cleaning Exford

Use our expert service to get mattress dry cleaning in Exford
mattress dry cleaning Exford
If your mattress requires special protection or care then you may undertake our mattress dry cleaning Exford service because dry cleaning your mattress is more gentle but as effective as normal cleaning.
Our dry cleaning services are performed with careful inspection of your mattress first and does not make usage of any water and therefore does not require any drying time making the process as fast as possible.
We sanitizing and deodorizing mattress after our mattress cleaning services.
Fit us anywhere in your schedule...
We provide same day mattress cleaning Exford services as well so feel free to call us on 0425 029 990 anytime and anywhere in Exford.
Our 24/7 availability has become quite popular that is why we don't charge you extra for weekend and evening appointment

Get special benefits on Mattress Cleaning Exford services.

Get special deals and discounts, like our odour removal service does huge savings to your pocket.
We clean your mattress at affordable rates and charge no hidden charges.

superb service

  • 22 March 2017
  • My young son suffers from asthma so it’s very important to keep his environment as dust-free as possible. I needed a professional mattress cleaning service, and that’s exactly what I got. Will use Lotus Cleaning service again!
  • - lily


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