Rug Cleaning Waterways

No matter what the style, Lotus Rug Cleaning Waterways can tackle all of your Rug Cleaning needs, same day Rug Cleaning and Rug Laundry Waterways.

Have you made your home cozy using rugs instead of carpets, that's no problem because we will clean those for you as well. We offer the best rug cleaning services in the Waterways and will handle any type of rugs.
Investing in your rugs being cleaned is especially required when you want to keep your rugs looking new.
Rugs are to be cleaned more gently and this gentleness is not required when it comes to carpets. We make sure we can provide you with the best quality of work when it comes to rug cleaning or even any other service of ours. Your rugs are in good hands!

Lotus Rug Cleaning Waterways Process

Step1: Pre Wash Inspection
First the rug will be carefully inspected and poor areas will be brought to our notice and taken extra care of.

Step 2: Dusting
Rugs are full of dust a dirt it is certainly an important step to dust the rugs first so that the dust and dirt particles do not get stuck deeper into the carpet.

Step 3: Flooding
In this step the dyes of the rugs are tested first before the rug is given a good wash if the dyes are not colourfast then they are given a bath in vinegar to set the dye so that the colour is not lost during the washing process.
The rug is given a cold water bath and a mild shampoo is used this shampoo is worked into the rug’s fibres with the help of a brush. The rug is then rinsed out.

Step 4: Drying
The rug is left to dry, to help the whole situation air movers are used. Note that the air movers provide cold air and no heat at all therefore no shrinkage.

Step 5: Fringe work and finishing
After the above 4 steps you rug may not look as attractive to look at therefore we comb the tassels and give final touches as a cherry on the top.
Rug Wash Waterways

Why you need clean rug?

Having your rugs cleaned will not only make your rugs seem new and fresh but will also make your home free a fouls smells and germs present in dust and dirt particles.

Whether your rugs are modern or antique they will be in need of a wash from time to time and clean rugs are always essential as it is a rug which makes your home put together though an ordinary cleaning process will not do any good to your rugs therefor we recommend you our rug cleaning services.

Stains will be fully removed and left invisible also cleaning your rugs will eliminate the damage and thus increase the lifespan of your rugs.

Best Rug Laundry Waterways Services

When it comes to cleaning your rugs it's simply a task of giving your rugs in the laundry like you would with your normal clothing.
When you haven't time for cleaning your rug at your place then it's simple we provide free pick up and delievery facility for rug laundry Waterways and we will clean them in a rug laundry machine which does all the cleaning work for you.
This machine is specially designed for getting your rugs clean from deep inside without damaging them. We also take care of rug color and fabric so don't you worry and call us today on 0425 029 990 for rug ckeaning Waterways.

Professional Rug Wash Waterways

We have trained and expert cleaners for Rug Wash Waterways, we provide rug washing services with 100% customer satisfaction. Our team members are well knowledgable for all types of rug like persian rug cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, wool rug cleaning etc..



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