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Looking for Carpet Dry Cleaning Tally Ho? Lotus Cleaning offers professional dry carpet cleaning services in Tally Ho to maintain quality of carpets.

Lotus Carpet dry cleaning Tally Ho services usually are being undertaken by delicate carpet owners. As dry cleaning is a careful process though highly effective and because it does not make any use of water is suggested to be applied on carpets which are expensive and are made up of special material. We provide best Carpet dry cleaning Tally Ho services, call on 0425 029 990 for free quote. We have certified and expert carpet cleaners, they are well trained and complete carpet cleaning work efficiently with 100% customer satisfaction.

Lotus Carpet Dry Cleaning Tally Ho Process

  • Initial Inspection: This step is of great importance as when not performed it results in even deeper submerge of the dirt and stains. Therefore we carefully inspect the areas and keep an extra focus on those affected.
  • Move Furniture:  All movable furniture will be removed carefully before we begin with the cleaning process.
  • Deep Vacuum: The process officially starts here when we remove all the loosen up particles
  • Pre Treatment: To ensure that all the stains are removed a stain removing agent is used to treat those stubborn spots and stains. We made sure that the products we use in this process are eco-friendly and will not harm any carpets
  • Cleaning: Along with the special products we make use of special equipment, here we will be using a dry rotary brush and micro sponges to thoroughly clean the carpet fur.
  • Final Grooming: This process is performed with the help of a carpet grooming machine for raising the carpet fur and give it a new look. This will extend your carpet's life by years and maintain a good attractive carpet look.
Dry Carpet Cleaning Tally Ho

Benifits of Carpet Dry Cleaning

  • This process requires almost no water it also requires zero drying time. The long lengthy process of drying your carpets is completely eliminated.
  • Carpet dry cleaning does not leave any residue of any substances
  • You will not see any stain reappear again after the dry cleaning process as they will be permanently removed.
  • It is highly suitable for carpets which are made up of special fur.
Tally Ho best carpet cleaning company is here to help you for any type of carpet cleaning and protection. Contact us on 0425 029 990 for dry carpet cleaning Tally Ho services. We also provide our carpet cleaning services on same day and at your place.

Melbourne's best Carpet Dry Cleaners

  • 14 November 2016
  • We will highly recommend Lotus Carpet Dry Cleaning service. I have big house Carpets and had called many professional cleaners but nothing like Lotus Cleaning. They done amazing job, We are really happy with their Carpet cleaning job.
  • - Ali Kaif


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