Carpet Cleaning Greythorn : Extend the life of your carpet by having it Re-Stretched or Repaired.Carpet Repair Greythorn

Carpet Repair Greythorn offers vast installation assortment From Carpet Installation to Carpet Restretching Greythorn, we are here to help 0425 029 990.

Do you repair your furniture? Then why not repair your carpets?
Carpets go through a lot may it be stains, smoke damage or even carpet holes. They have seen it all. But before you replace your carpets try considering us to make your carpets look just as new as day one!
We can repair your carpet holes, remove your carpet stains, re seam joints, etc.. And all this can be done on the same day if you avail our same day carpet repair Greythorn service.
We do things differently and give you your desired results. Our constant research regarding carpets and updating our knowledge for the same makes us experts in the field of carpet cleaning.
We proudly say that we have not disappointed any customer and we never will.
Why get rid of your carpet when you can get it repaired?
The following note the benefits of repairing your carpet:
  • Reduces costs: Repairing your carpets is a much cheaper way than spending huge amounts on a brand new carpet
  • Restoring luminosity: You can make your carpet look visibly pleasing to your guests.
  • Hygiene: Getting your carpets cleaned such as restoring a fresh smell keeps your environment hygienic as well.
  • Forget about all problems: After getting your carpets repaired you nor your guest will ever notice any previous carpet problems.

Lotus Carpet Repair Greythorn Services

Carpet Installation

Our team of experts not only repair your carpet but will lay out and install your brand new carpet as well. We get the job done without bringing you any worry.

Carpet Burn Repairs

Do those carpet burns bother you? Is it impossible to cover those burns? We've got you covered! Our team makes those burns seem like they were never there.try our out carpet burn repair service and be impressed.
Carpet restretching Greythorn

Carpet Patching

At times a carpet requires repatching due to some parts of the carpet being damaged
We take out that damaged piece of carpet and replace it carefully. The difference will not be visible. We also clean the damaged sections and make necessary replacements such that your carpets look as new as ever.

Seam repair/Carpet Seaming

Open seams while they not only look unattractive they are dangerous as well it is a must to repair them and we are there for you! Keep in mind that a small seam can result to further carpet damage and to prevent this get your seams repaired as soon as possible. At times we will need to replace a seam but all this at an affordable cost.

Did your adorable pets ruin your carpets?

Pet damaged carpets is common for all pet owners. For your pets your carpets are like amusement parks they scratch, chew, roll on your carpets which can lead to high damage.
You can get your carpets repaired in the most efficient manner. Call us today on 0425 029 990 for pet damage Carpet Repair Greythorn

Commercial Carpet Repair Greythorn

We also repair your office carpets, we are aware that they can be highly damaged, but instead of getting a new carpet get your old carpets renewed.
As we proudly call ourselves carpet repairing experts we shall make sure your office environment looks renewed and better so that work can be done productively without having your mind on that carpet stain.

Affordable Carpet Repair Greythorn

Lotus Carpet Repair Greythorn is undoubtedly and still the fastest and most affordable way to get your Carpet looking new again.
We have an Affordable carpet repair and carpet Restretching services in all across Greythorn. Give us a call on 0425 029 990 and we’ll have your carpet looking great.


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