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Curtain Repair Clyde North can easily and quickly take care of curtain repair Clyde North and blind repair Clyde North at an affordable price. Call us now on  0425 029 990 for emergency service.

Lotus Curtain Repair Clyde North includes repairs such as:

  • Vertical Blinds Weight Replacement
  • Vertical Blinds Vanes Repaired
  • Curtain and Blind Track Replacement and/or repairs
  • Restring Curtain Rods
  • Replace Lift Cords
  •  And Most other repairs

Although the curtain material is a relatively strong and durable material in that it can and does withstand the “tests” of time, operators of curtain side equipment will on occasion need to perform repairs. In most cases, the repairs can and should be performed by our team, in order to minimize downtime, cost and/or damage to loads. 

Following are step by step instructions on how to repair a curtain by Lotus Curtain Repair Clyde North.

A polyester thread mat which gives the curtain its strength and provides the ripstop characteristic
A PVC coating
An acrylic lacquer top coat.

Three different approaches or processes for repairing curtains are being used,

  • Heat Gun process (recommended)
  • Glue methods
  • Stitching using traditional machines.

Our Curtain Repair Instructions

Step One: Assessment
If the damage is a small hole or tears it can be done on-site. If the tear includes damage to post pockets or an original weld, the curtain should be sent to our authorized repair center.

Step Two: Curtain Preparation
The curtain material must be cleaned on both sides of the damaged area. To avoid further damage, we recommend using denatured alcohol.

Step Three: Prepare Patches
All patches should be installed on the inside of the curtain. Patches installed on the outside are vulnerable to wind flow while on the road and do not provide the desired cosmetic appearance. The patch material should be cut to overlap the hole by at least 2-3 inches on all sides.

Step four: Prepare to Patch
We use a heat gun for coating on curtains.

Step Five: Patching
Place the patch over the damaged area in the desired location.
Every member of Center-Line is here to aid and assist you in any way possible. Should you have a question concerning this or any other item, please fill our Inquiry.

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  • We are always on time
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  • Very clean and tidy
  • We never leave a mess
  • Personalized Service
  • Huge range of Quality fittings
  • Qualified Expert advice
  • Installation by fully Experienced fitter

All work 100% guaranteed 

New Replacement Curtains & Blinds in Clyde North

curtain replacement Clyde North
When it's no longer possible or feasible to repair your Curtains and Blinds, Lotus Curtain Repair can assist you in choosing the right replacements.


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