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Lotus Leather Cleaning Burwood East is a quality service provider of your leather furniture in home and office. Expert of Leather Protection Burwood East, Call on 0425 029 990 for Same day leather sofa cleaning Burwood East.

Let us guess that half of your furniture is made up of leather, and maybe it is high time to get those expensive leather furniture cleaned professionally such that you leather can shine again.
At lotus leather cleaning Burwood East we make your leather furniture look new again.
With our careful analysis we can make out which type of leather your furniture is made up of and because of our highly knowledgeable team we are able to use the right products and techniques for the right leather.
All the dirt and other germs are lifted from the leather with the help of our powerful cleaning agents. And now that your leather is cleaned we will give it a shiny coating to make it even brighter.
The feel of the leather will be soft again and the discoloured parts will be unnoticeable.

What about those leather sofas and couches?

May it be a couch or an entire sofa set we clean it all as well. Cleaning bulky leather furniture is an easy task for us, we give your sofas and couches a new makeover and make sure the worn out leather is not seen anymore.
We clean your leather sofas with the help of eco friendly cleaning solutions using them only after examining the type of leather your furniture is made up of. We shall leave your sofas or couch behind in a perfectly polished and cleaned new state.
Have a lounge at your place?
Your lounge is probably the most “sat on” area and therefore its leather may be the most worn out, this is not a problem for our because even your lounge can look perfectly new with out lounge cleaning service.
Even leather settees can be professionally cleaned.
Leather settees and other leather furniture may be made out of different material and that is why it is important to focus on the right cleaning method for the right type of furniture and at lotus we make  sure your furniture is cleaned the professional way.

Commercial Leather Cleaning Burwood East

Your office furniture may be made out of leather as well and we provide this service at your hotels, restaurants, office, etc… as well. Our cleaning will not disturb your work routine because undertake weekend services as well.
Getting your furniture cleaned at a work space is of great importance if you want to create a healthy environment for your clients and even employees.
Even when the dirt may not be visible, it is surely there.

Want to protect the newly cleaned leather?

We also provide unique leather protection Burwood East services to protect that leather we just cleaned.
Protecting your leather furniture can prolong its life and can prevent is from rapid discoloration.
Polishing your leather can not only bring an entire new look to it but it can protect the leather from any frequent staining.


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