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blind cleaning Werribee

Blind Cleaning Werribee provides professional cleaning at lotus. Our Roman Blind Cleaning Werribee  services are the fastest, most efficient, most effective & Eco friendly way to clean all types of blinds.

We are blind cleaning specialists and have expert knowledge in cleaning all sorts of blinds. Using our latest blind cleaning technology we make blind cleaning 10x more effective and bring you perfectly clean and fresh blinds.
We offer free pickup and delivery facility for blinds as well.
Blinds come in all shapes and types
We clean all sorts of blinds from large window blinds to small window blinds.
Some of the blinds we clean areas listed below:  
  • Roller Blinds.
  • Pleated Blinds.
  • Perfect-Fit Blinds.
  • Roman Blinds.
  • Vertical Blinds.
  • Wooden Venetian Blinds.
  • Venetian Blinds.
  • Velux Blinds.
And keep naming them because we clean it all.

How do we clean your blinds?

We use ultrasonic blind cleaning technique, this way of blind cleaning is done with the help of ultrasonic sound waves which pass through water, when this takes place they form small bubbles which then explode open blinds and remove all dirt particles.
This method is highly effective and cause no damage to the blinds at all.
One benefit of ultrasonic blind cleaning is that it does not require your blinds to be taken down making it a less time consuming process.

Feel free to call on 0425 029 990 to receive your free quotation on our blinds cleaning services today.

Do you have roman blinds?

No problem because cleaning roman blinds is an easy task for us. Roman blinds are usually made up of more fragile material and not all roman blind making companies make washable blinds. If your blinds are washable than feel free to call us anytime because cleaning roman blinds is definitely our cup of tea.

Roman Blind Cleaning Werribee

Office Blind Cleaning Werribee

If you have blinds at your official site or any other office hub then clean blinds are always essential to maintain a healthy work environment.
We clean blinds anywhere and anytime, our office blind cleaning service help prolongs life to your blinds, if your blinds look destroyed besides looking dirty, we got you covered because we professionally not only clean but also your blinds.
Because neat and clean blinds are essential for working in a productive manner.
Free pickup and delivery of your blinds can be arranged at a time that suits you.

Same Day Blind Cleaning Werribee

Need your blinds cleaned the day itself,  
We offer same day blind cleaning services if you urgently need your blinds cleaned at home or at work. We will do it for you in no time, feel free to leave us a call on 0425 029 990, we will provide you with cleaning blinds on the same day in minimum time.


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