2018 Latest Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Upholstery - now become the necessity of every home, in order to your home complete and luxurious. All of us have upholstery in our lovely home, but most of us are still not aware of how to maintain their couches or upholstery. They either don’t clean their upholstery regularly or they regularly clean it but not in the correct way.


Unfortunately, it affects the longevity of couches or upholstery. To have upholstery cleaning service regularly is also demands thousands of dollars.  So, here are some latest Upholstery Cleaning tips that help in maintaining your upholstery after professional upholstery cleaning services.


Nowadays people have a trend of making their home beautiful and classy. For that, they buy new furniture, paint the walls themselves, work on gardening, etc. But guys, one thing I want remind you again that your guests will always be going to focus on your upholstery and couches first when they enter your home.


Now, you may understand the importance of having upholstery and mainly having “new clean” upholstery. What would you do to have clean upholstery? Will you buy new upholstery, which is very expensive? Or will you hire upholstery cleaning service providers to professionally clean your upholstery and couches? But this again needs an investment.


Therefore, we are here with the latest Upholstery Cleaning tips which will make your daily life easy. There are various types of couches or upholstery available with different types of upholstery fabric such as Velvet, Ticking, Chenille Fabric, Leather, and so on. In spite of this, people are stuck with the earlier tricks for Couches cleaning. Come on guys, if we are a move towards latest classy upholstery fabrics then we also need to use new and effective upholstery cleaning tricks.


Here, we come with 3 simple as well as important Upholstery Cleaning tips which will help you to maintain your upholstery.


1. Properly read your Upholstery Cleaning Codes

Upholstery Cleaning Codes? Hmmm... Many of you may not be aware of this new word. Well, Cleaning codes on your favourite couch or chair are typically found under the seat cushions, that allows you to know in advance, what type of cleaning is suggested.  Now, we will understand what your Upholstery Cleaning Codes denote.


“W” - If you find a "W" on your furniture, then you are in luck, as it means the fabric can be cleaned with water or can be treated with water-based detergents. Then you can easily clean sofa upholstery at your home.


“S” - If you find an "S" on your furniture, it means the fabric MUST be cleaned with cleaning solvents i.e. dry cleaning upholstery only. For that, you need to hire the best upholstery cleaner for sofas or other furniture.


“S/W” - If you find an "S" as well as “W” on your furniture, it means it can be cleaned either by dry cleaning solvents (i.e. have to look for sofa cleaning services) or by water.


“X” - This code isn't often seen anymore, but it does appear frequently on blinds fabric and shades fabric. It means no solvents or detergents can be used and the fabric is vacuum-only!!


2. Keep the cushion DRY!

A large part of the upholstery is keeping them as dry as possible. So whenever you want to clean your lovely cushions, cover them with clear plastic to keep them completely free of moisture. That is, slide a plastic cutting board between the fabric and the cushion before tackling a stain.


3. Cornstarch, best for Grease stains!

Are you worrying about grease stains on your leather and vinyl upholstery? Using cornstarch is the best option to deal with it. Just sprinkle the cornstarch on the spot, let it sit for 4 hours, then wipe with a clean cloth. That’s it. Enjoy with your cleaned couches and sofa!


These are few tips for upholstery cleaning, hope it will ease your work and give you better results. If you looking for steam cleaning upholstery services or dry cleaning upholstery service, then feel free to call us on 0425029990 to get your best quote.

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