3 Couches that Need Professional Couch Cleaning in Melbourne

Couches are located in high-traffic areas at home. Accidents and messes on the couches are quite common in people’s homes, and many times unavoidable too, especially if you have kids, pets, or guests at home. Stains are an immediate threat to couches, while dust tends to accumulate over time, causing dullness. In order to increase the longevity of your couch, regular upholstery cleaning is a must.
Couches made from different materials are available in the market. When exploring the market, it is essential to carry out meticulous research before choosing a couch for your home. Buying a couch is easy. The challenge lies in maintaining it appropriately.

Couch Cleaning Services – Not all Couch Materials Can Be Cleaned at Home

  • The upholstery cleaning technique to be followed depends on the material from which the couch is made.
  • If the problem involves stains or mould, you need to call a professional.
  • It is essential that the inner lining of the couch should remain intact.
  • Before trying upholstery cleaning at home, taking assistance from an expert is crucial.
  • Cleaning the couch without proper knowledge of the material can result in damage to the fabric.
  • Professionals offer the best couch cleaning services and start the cleaning only after understanding the actual problem.

3 Different Couches Which You May Find Difficult To Clean By Yourself

The material used in manufacturing is what differentiates one couch from another. Some of them may be easy to clean, while some are not so easy to clean at home with DIY upholstery cleaning.
Here are 3 different couches for which you will need professional couch cleaning services.

Velvet couches

  • Everyone loves having a velvet sofa at home because of its stylish appearance and ability to captivate guests.
  • Cleaning velvet couches is a major challenge and definitely needs a different approach than regular upholstery cleaning.
  • When dealing with stains on a velvet couch, it is necessary to follow a strict cleaning protocol different from regular cleaning.
  • The chances of discolouration of velvet couches are very high. Hence, it is advisable to go for professional couch cleaning services.

Leather couches

  • Cleaning a leather couch is vital for it to appear shiny and new.
  • Leather upholstery cleaning can be quite tricky.
  • A leather sofa represents your class and spellbinds the visitors with its style and luxurious look.
  • Following the usual upholstery cleaning practices may reduce the shine and cause the leather couch to appear dull.
  • Cleaning leather couches with stains of beverages or food particles stuck can be a challenge for any homeowner.
  • Hence, it is essential to consult professional couch cleaners in Melbourne.

Suede couches

  • Suede couches add a luxurious look to any home.
  • They are made from tough material that is difficult to clean using regular upholstery cleaning treatments.
  • When cleaning suede couches, water, and common detergents cannot be used.
  • If there is any stain on the suede couch, consulting professional couch cleaners in Melbourne makes sense.

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