4 Must Take Cleaning Oaths This Year

Cleaning Oaths

We are almost halfway to the year 2020. The beginning of this year brought unusual challenges that have forced us to change our habits. You must be following some house cleaning routines, but now, this is the time to take some new oaths. These oaths are mandatory to stay safe and keep everyone around us safer.

1. Organize Cleaning Routine

Habits need to be redefined by keeping the circumstances in mind. Thus, you need to organize your house cleaning routine. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Make dusting and sanitization part of weekly cleaning.
  • Disinfect most frequently touched items daily or on alternate days.
  • Vacuum the carpet once a week at a minimum.
  • Wash pillow covers, bed sheets, and curtains once a week.
  • Sanitize trash cans every week.
  • Upholstery cleaning needs to be performed more frequently.

2. Encourage Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We all are aware to keep the environment green. Thus, contributing to this direction is very much crucial. You have to take the oath of adopting if have not already, eco-friendly cleaning habits. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind:

  • Use eco-friendly cleaning agents such as vinegar, lemon juice, bi-carb soda, etc.
  • Insist on using green products for cleaning even when using cleaning services from a company.
  • Reduce the usage of plastic and chemicals.
  • Use homemade pesticides to get rid of pests.

Eco-friendly cleaning agents and methods will not only keep the environment safe, but will also keep your furniture, carpet, and other stuff safer from chemicals.

3. Use Professional Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services are renowned for their impressive results. The companies that outsource cleaning services hold rich experience in house cleaning. They know fabric, manufacturer warning, eco-friendly cleaning, and more. They also own the ultramodern equipment of house cleaning. The professional cleaning services will clean and disinfect the furniture, carpet, and complete house. Thus, you must take an oath to use professional services on a regular basis now onwards.

4. Involve The Whole Family In House Cleaning

It is necessary that each family member, a kid or adult, understand the vitality of house cleaning. Thus, it is necessary to involve everyone to take part in the cleaning process. Here are some of the tips you can apply to involve everyone in house cleaning routine:

  • Preschoolers must keep their toys and dishes at the right place after use.
  • Grade school kids can help with cleaning and sanitizing tables, windows, and other upholstery. 
  • Adults can help with stain cleaning, wall cleaning, vacuuming, and other heavy cleaning routines.

Everyone must know how to keep the house clean and healthy. Thus, every member must take an oath of contributing to the regular house cleaning to keep the house and society clean and green.


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