5 Most Common Diseases Caused By Dirty Upholstery

Many of us avoid upholstery cleaning some even don’t even think about it. Upholstery can seem clean and tidy, devoid of any bacteria. But the truth is that there are a number of germs, including the disease-causing one in the upholstery which may be very harmful which makes upholstery cleaning very useful. Hence clean your upholstery very regularly to keep you and your family away from germs and the diseases caused by it. Here is an insight of the diseases that can be caused by the dirty upholstery.

1. Respiratory Problems

The bacteria in the upholstery can cause various respiratory problems due to the inhalation of the harmful bacteria. They may cause difficulty in breathing and can even cause many harmful diseases that are related to the respiratory organs.

2. Weak Immune System

The bacteria and other harmful germs in the upholstery may cause a weak immune system. The bacteria or the bad germs that enter your body can multiply at a very high rate that it may cause the immune system to fight against these bacteria very difficult.

3. Skin Problems

The dust and mites in the upholstery can cause various skin diseases to the person affected such as severe itching, irritation in the areas, swelling and redness. In case of carpet, the legs can get severe itching and can trigger athlete’s foot and also skin asthma.

4. Allergies

The dust and the pest that has been accumulating in the upholstery like carpets, sofa etc. can cause various allergies without your knowledge. Not only the allergies can be to the skin, but they can also spread to the internal organs. The major allergy that can be caused due to the dirty upholstery is sneezing, cough or even severe cold.

5. Stress and Irritation

When the upholstery is dirty, there might be a lot of irritation in lying on it or even setting your foot on it as they upholstery is not clean and tidy. The irritation can cause a lot of stress which can cause a lot of health troubles such as Heart attacks, hypertension etc.

So the next time you fall sick or get irritated, blame your dirty upholstery. Since they can cause a lot of health issues it is very important to keep your upholstery clean and tidy and do regular cleaning.

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Now, What are The Preventive Measures to Help You Stay Away From Such Unease?

  1. Upholstery cleaning can be done at least once a week or once a fortnight so that a lot of dust does not accumulate.

  2. Call a professional upholstery cleaner to get it checked. 

  3. Vacuum the upholstery so that all the dirt and the pest can be removed.

  4. If the problem is severe and out of hands, contact an upholstery cleaning expert to take care of the dirty and pest infested upholstery.

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