5 Steps To Use A Carpet Steam Cleaner On Carpets

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carpet steam cleaning is one of the most efficient ways to get stains, odour and urine removed from your carpets. Many people fear carpet steam cleaning would destroy the fabric of their carpets or make the colours fade. Yes, we agree that carpet steam cleaning is a tricky and complicated process to do on your own, and we have thus given you key points we reckon are important if you are doing the cleaning all by yourself if you are not choosing to go with professional carpet steam cleaning.


1. Get Yourself The Carpet Area


The first thing that you need to do is get yourself the carpet area that you want to steam clean. Remove all the furniture, put them to walls or on any place other than your carpet. This is going to save you time while carpet steam cleaning as running the carpet steam cleaners noose around the legs of the furniture and under the sofa and beds could be tricky and tedious. Along with that, you can also save the wood of the furniture from getting in contact with the steam while cleaning.


2. Do Not Start With Steam Cleaning Directly


To get more efficient steam cleaning, first, you need to get the loose dirt, bread crumbs, hair, dirt, etc. from the carpet. The fibres of the carpet are such that they tend to per collect all this dust and allergen particles. Start vacuuming the floor, this is going to be the best way to collect the loose dirt and get the carpet ready to be cleaned of deep stains of ink, wine, etc. and also to remove the odour of urine and sweat through carpet steam cleaning.


3. Time To Bring Out The Steam Cleaner


If you have bought the carpet steam cleaner for the first time, make sure you check out the manufacturing label on how to use it. Fill the machine with water, add detergent or shampoo to the water. After switching on the machine move it on the carpet in a systematic fashion. Start with the corner furthest away from the entrance that will make it easy to move your carpet steam cleaner into the next room.


4. Rinse


After having cleaned the entire area, refill the carpet steam cleaner with only water. Now, scrub the entire the carpet with a steam cleaner to rinse off the shampoo or soap.


5. Do Not Haste


You need to wait for your carpets to dry out before starting to walk on them or replacing furniture back on them. Switch on the ventilation in your property. This will also remove the excess smell from the steam cleaning solution and make your carpet all bright and new again. Use plastic bags if you need to use the place immediately.

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