6 Major upholstery cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Upholstery furniture gives comfort as well as enhances the appearance of the house. Thus, it is necessary to focus on keeping it look brand new and extend its life. Well, an easy way to keep it in good shape is regular upholstery cleaning. Thus, there are many people that take this job seriously and apply different DIY hacks to clean upholstered furniture. DIY hacks are good, but you must not make upholstery cleaning mistakes else it can do more harm than any good.
Today, you will learn about the top 6 mistakes you might be making while cleaning your upholstery and you must avoid them:

1. Neglecting manufacturer’s warning

Upholstery comes with some warnings or guidelines shared by manufacturer related to upholstery cleaning and such as what you should use or avoid while cleaning upholstery. However, often people either do not check that or neglect that completely, which is one of the major upholstery cleaning mistakes.

2. Neglect Test Patch

If you are trying any cleaning method for the first time instead of going to clean the whole piece of furniture, you must first apply a test patch. Neglecting test patch can result in the major regretful event. You may damage the furniture. Thus, it is recommended to take a small corner of your upholstery or the area, which is not visible to people and the trial test patch to see the results first.

3. Soaking Upholstery in Water

This is one of the most commonly made upholstery cleaning mistakes, you soak your upholstery or leave it too wet that it gets difficult to dry. You need to be very conscious and careful while cleaning upholstery and avoid making this mistake.

4. Applying a Wrong Upholstery Cleaning Technique

There are so many cleaning hacks available that it is possible that you choose the wrong one. Upholstery cleaning methods need to be selected according to your furniture type, the type of its fabric, warning or guidelines from manufacturer, etc. Additionally, always start with a test patch as mentioned earlier to keep it safe.

5. Not using Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

It is advisable to regularly use upholstery cleaning service from a reliable company. In case of severe damages such as water or fire damage or when you are dealing with stubborn stains, it is better to call experts and use professional cleaning services to remove odour and stain as well as successfully restore it in its original form. Do not think of trying everything on your own.

6. Not Researching about an Upholstery Cleaning Company Before Giving them the Job

There are many upholstery cleaning companies in Australia and all of them might not give the expected results. Calling anyone based on reference or Google search would be one of the major upholstery cleaning mistakes. You must always research about the company, its years of experience, and technique of cleaning before calling them to clean your upholstery furniture. 

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