6 Reasons Why Frankston is the best Suburb to Live In!

situated on the eastern shore of Port Phillip has been a popular seaside destination of Melbourne since the 1800s. 55 km from Melbourne city center, Frankston is one of the fastest developing suburbs with increasing jobs, housing facilities.


The urban design of Frankston is mostly of traditional quarter-acre blocks vernacularly referred to as the "Australian Dream" housing, they consist of three or more bedrooms.


Frankston being one of the southernmost suburbs of the metropolitan area of Melbourne, is also one of its most affordable, here are the top five reasons Frankston is a place to live and thrive!


1. Culinary experience

In Frankston, you can satiate your taste palette with cuisines from Indian to Italian near you. With all communities living together in Frankston, restaurants near you allow a variety of tastes across the globe, not to mention the high quality wine!


Some of the places to titillate your taste-buds are Ginseng, Waves On The Beach, Rang Mahal Indian Restaurant, Olive & Fern cafe, etc.


2. Peace and Rejuvenation of the Mind

Frankston is a hustling and bustling space that is cupped within the lusciousness and greenery of community parks and reserves. Very well-maintained parks like  Frankston, O’Grady reserve, Lipton, Kananook, Jubilee, Overport, etc. are designed to reconnect you with nature and recharge your batteries.


3. Healthcare

The healthcare infrastructure of Frankston is top notch. The finest of doctors, with the hospitals equipped with the latest of technologies, would be anywhere in the 5 km radius within you.


4. Housing Amenities

Frankston City Council's Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre or Frankston PARC is the largest health and aquatic recreation facility in Frankston that houses an Olympic sized swimming pool along with other facilities. Along with recreational centers there are gyms, sports clubs, music halls, theatres, etc.


5. Housing

You can find all the services that you need to make a house a home just a phone call away. From grocery stores to medical stores. You can find cooks, maids, plumbers, upholstery cleaning, end of lease cleaners, etc. to make your living experience easy and blissful.


6. Education

Top Universities and institutions are located in Frankston that support all levels of education from kindergarten to primary, secondary, high school, graduation and PhD. There are also educational facilities for specially-abled kids. Furthermore, education is the third largest industry of employment in the suburb, with 4% of Frankston residents being employed in the educational sector.

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