8 Reason You Have Carpet Wrinkles

If you have used carpet in your house, you must have noticed carper wrinkles, ripples, waves, or buckles occasionally. Carpet wrinkles may look okay, but they are not. Leaving them as it is may cause a bad fall over. Moreover, it will damage the beauty of the carpet and will become permanent wrinkle.

In this article, you will learn about the top 8 causes of carpet wrinkles:

1. Improper Installation

Carpet needs to be stretched tightly from one wall to another. One needs a specific tool to stretch it completely, called, Power Stretcher. Generally, retailers send people with all the required things at the time of the carpet installation. However, you must give attention to see, they stretch the carpet properly. If it is not installed properly, it will cause carpet wrinkles.

2. Low-quality Padding

Many people think ways of saving money on carpet, professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne, padding, etc. Getting low-quality padding just because it is cheap will get wrinkles on the carpet.

3. Pushing Heavy Object on the Carpet

 There are many objects, which can cause carpet wrinkles if you push or roll them over the carpet. Some of them are listed below:
  • Piano
  • Wheelchair
  • Child scooters
  • Motorized carts
  • Handcarts
  • Anything with wheels

4. Wrong Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning of a carpet at a regular interval is necessary. However, it needs skills and specific equipment. People trying steam carpet cleaning by their own often leave moisture behind as a carpet gets too much wet. This results in carpet wrinkles.

5. Humidity and Moisture

Some seasons are very hot and humid in Melbourne and some may have moisture in the air. If the room temperature is not maintained and carpet is exposed to humid temperature or moisture, it can get damaged. Moreover, it leaves wrinkles in it. One more reason for moisture in the carpet can be over-wet carpet during carpet cleaning or spilling something and not getting the carpet dry quicker.

6. Manufacturer’s Defect

Generally, it does not happen, but the possibility of a defective carpet cannot be ignored. If you have bought a new carpet and see wrinkles, you can contact your manufacturer. They will either straighten it tightly with the required tool or they will replace it depending on the warranty.

7. Not following the Manufacturer’s Warning and Guidelines

Each carpet comes with a manufacturer’s warning usually found on the opposite side of the carpet. It gives clean information about the care of the carpet. It also gives information about what type of carpet cleaning solutions can be applied to the fabric. If the carpet is not maintained by following these guidelines, it can get wrinkles and other damages.

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8. Not investing in Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

One of the important aspects of carpet care is using professional carpet cleaning. In fact, some manufacturer also gives an interval at which carpet needs to be cleaned by professionals. Thus, avoiding professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne can result in carpet wrinkles.


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