Are these 4 Upholstery Cleaning Tips Fact or Myth

Upholstery cleaning is a task that requires efforts. If you want your upholstery cleaning results to be as close to the professionals you need to be smart about your cleaning. Colloquially there are many ideas floating on how to clean upholstery? But, not all of them are true. In this blog,
Lotus Upholstery Cleaning Ringwood will sift out the facts from fiction. Read on to know which upholstery cleaning tips are myths and which are not.


Upholstery Cleaning Tip 1: The Hotter the Better

The logic behind this idea is that hot temperatures kill the microscopic particles like bacteria, germs, dirt mites, other allergens from the upholstery. This is not always true because the effectiveness of upholstery cleaning also depends on the quality and material type of your upholstery. Real intensely hot water can cause fabric distortion at times. It can also happen that your upholstery can lose its colour. It is advisable that you read the tag given by the manufacturer attached to the upholstery and see what kind of temperature can your upholstery resist.


Result: Myth


Upholstery Cleaning Tip 2: The fabric identification tests are farfetched

To suit the needs of people when it comes to texture and colour many people manufacture furniture upholstery by mixing different fabrics together. When you are going for advanced Upholstery Cleaning methods, you will need to know the type of fabric of the upholstery for better cleaning. Get these tests done and the information will help a big deal when you go for steam cleaning, dry cleaning or soil removal techniques for upholstery cleaning.


Result: Myth


Upholstery Cleaning Tip 3: Be Careful Even Your Upholstery Fibers are Synthetic

People who advise this when it comes to upholstery cleaning are rare and right. It does not mean that your upholstery fabric is synthetic if you do not take care you might end up damaging your upholstery. Synthetic upholstery will lose its color and also get damaged if cleaned with very hot water, in short, yes they are not invincible. 

Result: Fact


Upholstery Cleaning Tip 4: Clean your furniture upholstery only when they look dull and dirty

Your furniture upholstery is prone to a lot of dirt and damage and yes it is true that when your sofa upholstery starts to look dull you got to get them cleaned professionally cleaned or replace them with new ones. But, it is also important to know that your upholstery is just like your mattresses, bedsheets, and towels. Do not you clean them regularly? The fabric of your upholstery just like other things can get a lot of germs, dirt and bacteria percolated in their cohesion which you can not see with naked eyes. From a health perspective, you should clean your upholstery at regular intervals to save yourself and your families from allergies.


Result: Myth


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