Are You Ready for Spring Cleaning Event 2019?

Every year, when the spring season gets started, almost all houses perform
carpet cleaning to get the dust and debris out of your houses. Some of them also use professional upholstery cleaning to make upholstered furniture new again. It is indeed good and necessary to keep the house clean and hygienic, but what about the city? Every year, so many disposables are dumped in the street by people with or without their conscious. This litter makes its way into the river and sea and affects marine life disastrously. All cities in Australia except Victoria and Tasmania have cash for containers scheme. This scheme allows people to get 10 cents refund on the return of the containers and this scheme actually encourages people to stop littering.

To encourage people to not dump litter here and there and to insist Victorian government launch cash on container policy, a volunteer group will conduct the Spring Cleaning Event 2019. This event will be held on the 21st of September 2019. The volunteer group who will conduct and lead the event is made by an alliance of multiple volunteer groups, namely, Clean Up Australia, Beach Patrol, Our Street, and the Boomerang Alliance. The event is going to be conducted the second time. In the first event, more than 300 people participated in the event and collected hundreds of cans, drinking and coffee cups and their lids, cans, straws and other street litters. In total 2680 items were collected during the first spring clean the city movement.

This time again with the same aim the volunteer group has shouted out the people come forward with their families and friends on the day of spring cleaning event.

Spring Cleaning Event Details

  • This is a free event and in the betterment of the society so maximum people should join the event and bring as many other people as they can.
  • The street cleaning is as important as upholstery cleaning. Thus, this friendly event is conducted which will start at 9 am at the meeting point.
  • Everyone will get a map of the CBD with an allocated area to be cleaned.
  • At 9:30, the teams will go to collect disposable litters and bring those back to the meeting point.
  • The collected litter will be counted and photographed to present it as proof of the fact the group is fighting for. The message which says the Cash for Container rule should be applied in Victoria and Tasmania.
In a nutshell, join the spring cleaning event 2019 for a noble cause. Contribute to cleaning the streets, help improving marine lives and keep the rivers and the sea clean as well. Try to bring as many people as possible with you to be part of this event. Tell them the same: street cleaning is as important as carpet cleaning.


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