Carpet Cleaning Hacks to Remove Milk Stain and Its Odour

As soon as milk spills on the carpet, it starts making its way into the carpet fabric. It starts getting thicker and sour, which makes it difficult to get milk out of carpet even if you see the spillage immediately. You can definitely blot spills to assure you don’t get milk stains. But, if you already see the stains or experience the odour, you need the right cleaning hacks to get milk stains out of carpet.
A carpet cleaning guide to remove milk stains and their odour:

1. Clean the Milk Residue from the Surface

  • Take a butter knife or use a spoon to scrape off the residue of milk as the first step of carpet cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Vacuum clean the area to get residues of milk out of carpet.

2. Remove Milk Stains using Soap Suds

  • To get milk stains out of carpet, you should apply soap suds made of soapy water using liquid detergent and warm water on the affected area by damping a clean sponge into it.
  • Gently scrub the area in a rotating manner to clean the milk residue from the surface.
  • Take a clean cloth and damp it into clean and cool water to wipe off the foam.
  • Take paper towels to blot dampness from the carpet as much as possible.

3. Remove Milk Stains using Laundry Soap

  • If you do not want to use soap suds, you can also use laundry detergent to get milk stains out of carpet.
  • After getting residues of milk out of carpet using step 1, follow this method.
  • Spray some water to damp the affected area. Make sure you do not make the carpet too wet. You just need to make it moist.
  • Take a soft bristle brush to apply the laundry soap on the stained carpet area.
  • Brush the area in a circular motion to get the milk residues out of the carpet fabric.
  • Once the process of getting milk stains out of carpet completes, you need to remove the laundry detergent from the carpet. For that, take a clean cloth and moisten it in clean water at room temperature.
  • Wipe off the laundry detergent gently using this damped cloth.
  • The last step of this method of carpet cleaning in Melbourne is removing as much moisture from the carpet as possible. Using a clean and dry cloth, blot the area to remove the moisture.

4. Get the Odour of Milk Out of Your Carpet

  • To get the odour of milk out of carpet, dust baking soda on the affected area thoroughly.
  • Let it sit for six to eight hours to remove the odour completely.
  • Vacuum clean the baking soda to remove the milk stains and odour from your carpet.
If even after using these cleaning hacks, you experience odour or milk stains, you must use professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

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