Carpet Hacks to Stay Protected from COVID 19

COVID 19, respiratory disease, has caused a global pandemic. It is caused due to the world novel Coronavirus. This virus can live for hours on different surfaces and if it makes its way to your body, it can be dangerous for you and your family, both.
Usually, people disinfect doorknobs, floor, etc. However, disinfecting carpet is a tough job. Simple carpet cleaning can not remove the virus if it is sitting there. Moreover, you cannot daily wash it in sanitizer. Spraying disinfectant will not remove the virus. Similar to other viruses and bacteria, it may stay deep down into the roots. Thus, professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne is necessary.

You need steam cleaning to remove the possible threat of Coronavirus and other bacteria as well. Here is how steam cleaning can remove the Coronavirus:
  • As per the study, in a hot and humid temperature, Coronavirus can die or get dysfunctional. The temperature must be more than 77 deg Celsius.
  • In steam cleaning, professionals usually clean the carpet with steam, which gets produced at the boiling level of water. It is a minimum of 600 to 660 deg Celsius temperature.
  • Professional companies also add some disinfectant or similar solutions to make sure no virus or bacteria left behind.

Thus, the better way of carpet cleaning to protect your house from the possible threat of Coronavirus is steam cleaning. You can also steam clean carpet at home if you have the skills. If you are thinking to steam clean the carpet yourself, here is the process professionals follow:
  • Pre-spay the area covered by carpet using a hydro-force sprayer to disinfect it.
  • Pre-clean carpet very well using a floating carpet brush and a floor machine.
  • Steam clean the carpet with standard and high-quality equipment.
  • Use big fans or other ways to dry the carpet quickly.

Before trying it home, make sure you have knowledge of it as very high temperatures can damage the fabric of the carpet. Thus, the best approach is to use the service of a company that has experience of Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne.

You might not be able to use a steam cleaning service pretty often. Thus, once you get the carpet cleaned with steam cleaning, here are the pro tips to follow to keep Coronavirus away from your carpet at possible extent:
  • Do not walk on the carpet with shoes you wore outside of the house.
  • Cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing.
  • Keep your HVAC system clean. Change filters monthly or earlier if there is any positive case found nearby or when you see the signs of bad air quality in the house.
  • Clean mattresses, upholstery and other furniture and disinfect them.
  • Avoid sitting and eating on the carpet.
  • Keep washing or sanitizing your hands.

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If at any point, you feel that your carpet has exposed to Coronavirus, you must call professionals having experience of Lotus Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne to remove the existence of Coronavirus with steam cleaning.


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