Carpet Steam or Dry Cleaning Which One Is Better For The Winter Carpet Cleaning

It is winter time in Australia and many families start getting puzzled by the question, what is the best way for
winter carpet cleaning? Steam cleaning or dry cleaning? You can use any one of them, but as you might know, the steam cleaning is definitely better than its alternative.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Vs Dry Carpet Cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning uses different chemical and natural heat and little to no water to remove grime and dirt from the carpet. On the other hand, the steam carpet cleaning involves a hot water extraction formula to clean the carpet and it uses a heavy flow of very hot water. Don’t jump onto the conclusion to consider dry carpet cleaning is better than its counterpart. The steam carpet cleaning is the best even in the winter season. Surprised? Don’t be. Read on to know the answers to why and how.

The dry carpet cleaning process only removes the dust particles and grime from the outer surface. Sometimes, it actually hardens the dirt in the inner layers of the carpet. This becomes even more difficult to remove them later and can be worse with the carpets with lush and thick surfaces. On the other hand, the steam carpet cleaning process creates natural heat with hot water and a high intensity flow of hot water with biodegradable cleaning chemicals to break all grimes, specks of dust, dirt, and anything else lying in any area of the carpet. It means it thoroughly cleans the carpet as well as removes odor and impurities from the same.


You must be thinking that the time to get the carpet dry must be quite long in winter days after steam cleaning. The answer is, NO.

When you take professional services of Lotus Carpet Cleaning Ringwood, the highly trained professionals come with the state of the art machinery and tools. After the steam cleaning process, they suck back all water from the carpet with high force, but carefully at the same time. This way all water gets removed without hurting the fabric of the carpet. Also, this process leaves no moisture in the carpet so after the winter carpet cleaning process with the steam, the carpet will only have a cool draft left on it.

It takes almost the same time as it needs in normal days to get it completely dry as you usually like. Generally, in winter, people use a ducted heating system and if you, too, use as such heating system, the dry time of the carpet will be lesser than it would take in other months than winter. Isn’t it cool?

Does this mean dry cleaning is not good at all? Not really. The dry cleaning for carpet also has its own pros. The skilled team of Lotus carpet cleaning can give better suggestions after inspection of your carpet. For further information related to winter carpet cleaning, please get in touch with us.


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