Clyde Weather: Best House Protection Tips During Monsoon

It has been raining cats and dogs in Clyde, this past week the downpour has been the most, and it is likely to continue in the following days. We have been getting a lot of calls for
water damage cleaning services across Clyde. So we thought we might do something more to help the residents of this happening suburb.


In this blog, we have got some tips for you that you would need to keep safe during the heavy downpour of rain.

1. Clear the Gutter System         

If you have water percolated in your household, then the first thing you need is to clear the outlets of water. Make sure that your gutters and downpipes are fully functioning to ensure that your home can cope with heavy rainfall. Clear your gutters of dried leaves and twigs that may have percolated throughout the year, clogged holes can lead to flooding.

2. Keep your sealants intact

Clyde weather is prone to heavy downpours, thus you that there aren’t any gaps or holes in the sealant surrounding your doors and windows. This will keep the water from seeping in, also regular s of sealant will greatly sealant erosion.

3. Be safe with electricity

During a heavy downpour, you need to make sure that all of your electrical appliances are placed on a higher level where the water cannot reach. As it is common knowledge that water is a good conductor of electricity, and also all the appliances aren’t waterproof. If your home has started to flood, stay away from the fuse box and make sure that all the switch sockets are turned off.

4. Cover your air vents

The most common ways for water to find its way into your homes is through your air ducts. If you have some heavy downpour in your area then quickly cover the insides and outsides of your air ducts with thick plastic sheets.

5. Contact a Water Damage Cleaning Professional

The worst thing that can happen during monsoon season is roof leakage, if that’s the case or if your wall paint is peeling off call water damage cleaning professional.

6. Seal Everything

Make sure your furniture is put away from water, if your carpets have been damaged because of rains get wet carpet cleaning is done professionally (get dry cleaning done) before rolling them and putting them away.

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