Common Tile and Grout Cleaning Mistakes that You Must Avoid

Regular tile and grout cleaning is necessary, but what is even more necessary is to be cautious. The right method of tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne or your city can make them look new and beautiful. However, the wrong way can damage the tiles and grout.
There are some common mistakes, which people make while cleaning the tile and grout at home. We are going to share the top tile and grout cleaning mistakes, which you must avoid at any cost:

1. Using Harsh Cleaning Solutions

  • Using harsh cleaner for tile and grout cleaning is a big NO.
  • Even if it gives excellent results after cleaning, it will weaken the grout and discolour the tiles. It might not appear immediately after cleaning the tile and grout, but it is true and must be damaging your tiles.
  • To avoid this mistake, always avoid using bleach as well as acid or ammonia-based cleaning solutions.
  • Take a recommendation from your provider of tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne or your city.

2. Scrubbing Too Hard

  • You might want to remove the layer of dirt, mould, and mildew from the tiles and grouts, but you should not scrub them too harsh.
  • One should always use the right method for tile and grout cleaning to get the best results and scrubbing too hard is definitely not the one. It will make your tiles look dull and can also damage the grout.

3. Wrong Tile Cleaning Regime

  • Similar to upholstery, your tiles also need a regular tile and grout cleaning regime.
  • Twice a week, the tiles need to be cleaned with clean water and then should be mopped completely. Always use clean cloth while mopping, so you do not transfer dirt and dust of cloth to the tiles while cleaning.
  • After mopping the tiles, vacuum-cleaning them with the right cleaning attachment.

4. Over-Wetting

  • One of the most dangerous mistakes made by people during tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne is over wetting the tiles.
  • Over-wetting causes ugly white or yellowish stains because of minerals in the water. It also discolours the tiles, which will make it look worn out.
  • After a shower or a round of tile and grout cleaning, your tiles have to be mopped out to completely dry out.

5. Not Using Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

  • This is another common mistake made by many homeowners.
  • Even if you follow a strict tile and grout cleaning regime, you have to invest in professional services.
  • The companies offering professional tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne possesses the right experience, cleaning solutions and tools. Therefore, they not only clean the tiles completely but also add a protective layer to keep your tiles protected from minerals in water and other pollutants.
  • Using professional tile and grout cleaning at a regular interval is necessary.


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