Difference Between Carpet Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning

Cleaning a carpet is not just about calling professionals and getting it done. It is also about selecting the right method to clean the carpet. The two most popular carpet cleaning methods are as below:
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

Both of these carpet cleaning methods are effective and can give excellent results. The major difference between them is the way carpet is cleaned, how much water is used in the cleaning process and what kind of result it gives after cleaning.

Let’s understand both of these carpet cleaning methods to pick one that best suits your needs:

1. Carpet Dry Cleaning

  • It doesn’t use water at all to clean the carpet.
  • Carpet dry cleaning uses vacuum cleaning to prepare the carpet for the next steps of cleaning.
  • The carpet cleaning step uses a solvent, which is used to produce carpet dry cleaning solutions. This solvent breaks down grime, dirt, dust, etc. into smaller particles to make it easier to lift from the carpet.
  • The final step of carpet dry cleaning uses heavy machinery made of high speed rotating cotton pads attached to it. This machine is used to lift dirt and dust from the carpet. The cotton pads get replaced with new ones if the carpet is very filthy.

2. Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • As the name suggests, it uses steam to clean the carpet. You need water at a very high temperature to produce steam to carry out the carpet steam cleaning process.
  • This method also starts with vacuum cleaning to lift solid dirt and dust from the carpet.
  • The carpet cleaning step of carpet steam cleaning involves injecting steam into the carpet to clean it thoroughly. In this step, dirt, dust, bacteria, etc. get removed due to the very high temperature of the water.
  • Carpet steam cleaning experts spot-treat stains by applying a stain removal solution before the step of cleaning the carpet with steam. The stain cleaning solution will break down the stains prior to cleaning the carpet. It will assure during the carpet steam cleaning step, the stain will be cleaned effectively.

Carpet Dry Cleaning vs. Carpet Steam Cleaning: Which One to Choose?

Both carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning are effective, but both of them have different effects and applications. For routine and cleaning, carpet dry cleaning is good enough. It can also restore the carpet to a better appearance. On the other hand, carpet steam cleaning is effective for cleaning and disinfecting the carpet. It can kill bacteria and other impurities in the carpet. It gives amazing results in extending the life of the carpet. Carpet steam cleaning cleans fibre of the carpet, which is why it is perfect to clean a carpet thoroughly.

Depending on the recommendation of your carpet cleaning company, you must use both of these methods at different carpet cleaning intervals.



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