DIY Cleaning Fabric Upholstery with Vinegar

White Vinegar can be used to clean various types of fabrics, even if it is synthetic or leather in nature, especially in upholstery cleaning
All one needs to do is wet the rag of white vinegar and wring it out so that it is not dripping. This makes it easy to wipe the furniture. Although the smell of the vinegar might not be good, later you will find the furniture smelling good and fresh. This will help in removing the dirt on the surface, although if you want to clean deep, this will surely not help. Cleaning the upholstery with minimal ingredients will surely do the trick. One can start with a microfiber couch and see for themselves how well a mixture of these three ingredients will be able to clean the entire surface. 
Before using this mixture indoors, make sure that you open all the windows because the smell can be frustrating at times. If it is wet, the smell can be overpowering. Before you start using it on a large area, try this out on a small area to test the discoloration of the fabric.

How To Do Fabric Upholstery Cleaning With Vinegar?

Ingredients required:
¼ cup white vinegar, ¾ cup warm water, and ½ tablespoon natural liquid soap. 


5 DIY Steps to Clean Fabric Upholstery with Vinegar

Step 1: Keep all these ingredients together in a spray bottle and shake well.
Step 2: In the next step, mist the soiled area with the help of a spray bottle. This shall be done very lightly.
Step 3: In a circular motion, scrub the area with the help of a soft cloth.
Step 4: In case if you require more of it, apply once again. 
Step 5: Once this is done, with the help of a damp cloth and rub the residue, in case if any with the help of a soft cloth.

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We hope this method is surely going to give you the cleanest of fabric upholstery with your easily available product vinegar, to know more about fabric upholstery cleaning visit us Lotus Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne or call us on 0425 029 990. You can also email us on [email protected].


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