DIY Hacks to Remove Mud Stains

Mud is wet dirt. If it is fresh, you can remove it by simply keeping that area of carpet under the tap. The water flow will wash away the mud. If the water is not removing it, you can also use a soft bristle brush or spatula.
If the above-mentioned carpet cleaning hacks remove the carpet stains then you are good to go. However, if stains have become stubborn and do not get removed, then better to call a company offering professional carpet cleaning Melbourne.
To help you clean the carpet, here are some DIY hacks to remove mud stains effectively.

For Washable Carpet:

DIY Hack 1:

  • Take a spoon and gently remove the mud by scraping it.
  • Wash the carpet as you wash regularly.

DIY Hack 2:

  • Soak the carpet in the detergent solution for four to eight hours
  • Wash it as you wash normally.
These hacks will give the effect of professional carpet cleaning Melbourne.

For Carpet That is Not Washable:

  • Sprinkle some cleaning detergent on the mud stain.
  • Take a damped cloth and blot the detergent from the stained area. Make sure you do not rub or wipe; just blot it. Wiping or rubbing will push the stain down.
This cleaning method will remove the stain. If you still see some residue, follow the below tips to clean it further:
  • Soak the stained carpet area with the white vinegar.
  • Take a dry cloth instantly and begin blotting the stain. Change the area of the cloth if it gets filthy and blot the stain.
  • Take another dry cloth and damp it in clean water. Blot the area with the damped cloth to remove the vinegar and other cleaning agents possibly residing on the carpet.
You can repeat the process of soaking the carpet with white vinegar and blotting the stain until the carpet stain is removed. Within three rounds the stain should get cleaned.
If this carpet cleaning process also does not remove the stain, then it is better to call a reliable company offering professional carpet cleaning Melbourne.

What to Keep in Mind While Applying these Carpet Cleaning Hacks at Home?

  • Before rinsing the carpet, make sure that you check the care warning and ensure that your carpet is washable.
  • Check the care label of the carpet to inspect which carpet cleaning agents can be used for cleaning.
  • If you have not used white vinegar or cleaning detergent before on the carpet, then it is better to perform a spot test to ensure it is safe to use on the carpet.
  • If you are using detergent, then make sure it is chemical-free and fabric friendly. Moreover, always read the instructions and follow that precisely.
If these DIY hacks do not remove mud stains effectively, then you must use professional carpet cleaning Melbourne.

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