DIY How to Steam Grout Cleaning

Who likes dirty bathrooms? Bathrooms and Washrooms are supposed to be the most serene and peace giving. They are the only places where you can have the most eureka moments at. No matter how costly your tiles are and how clean they are, dirty and off-white grout can make the tiles and thus your bathroom look dirty. Here is how you can get grout cleaning done by your own.


One of the most efficient ways of Grout Cleaning is Steam Grout Cleaner. Here are some of the benefits of getting grout steam cleaning are as follows:
Benefits of Grout Steam Cleaning

Zero Toxins: Grout Steam Cleaning or any kind of steam cleaning kills almost 99.99% of bacteria. And to do this, this cleaning method does not have to use toxic and potentially harmful chemicals such as ammonia or bleach. Only water and heat are used, this makes your house chemical residue and pollution free.

Pet and Child-Friendly: The non-toxic procedure of steam cleaning makes your home a lovelier and safer environment for children and pets.  A common chemical in most of the cleaning agents is Sodium Hypochlorite. This compound has corrosive oxidising agents and if your pet or kid were to make contact with the treated surfaces still contaminated with residue, could burn their eyes, cause skin irritations or illness and damage lungs in the worst case scenario.


Allergy-free: People with breathing problems like asthma will benefit significantly from steam cleaning. As this method uses only heated water that is steam to create an all-natural cleaner. An all natural cleaner that removes dirt and grime from any non-heat sensitive tile surface.

Cost Effective: Along with obvious health benefits, Grout Steam Cleaning can help you bag a lot of money over the long term. You just have to make the initial purchase, the only cost for steam cleaning is for the water and electricity used to heat it. No repeated cost of purchasing detergents, cleaners and other products used throughout the home.


The Tools and Materials required for Grout Steam Cleaning are:

  1. Clean cloth Rags
  2. Sponges
  3. Bucket
  4. Small size steam cleaner

How to Steam Clean Tile Grout on your own.


Step 1: Steam Jet Cleaning
Before using any attachments to your cleaner, first of all, blast the grout with the steam jet to remove the worst of the loose gunk.


Step 2: Rubbing with Nylon Bristle
Make sure that you do not use any brush attachments at this point because that will only further embed the debris.


Start with bristles that are made of nylon, as they will not damage your grout, no matter how hard you rub.


Use the wire bristle attachment with utmost care. The wire brush is going to be your ultimate weapon, but it can also chip your tile. If you have glossy and smooth tile a wire brush will most certainly scratch it!


Step 3: Remove Gunk

You got to work from the top to downward. Every few minutes, douse the steamed area on your bathroom wall with fresh water to move the gunk down to the gutter. You do not want to let softened gunk remain on the surface because it will harden and your problems start all over again.


Step 4: Steam Clean

This is the last step after steaming an area, give the machine enough time to build up steam again. Then clean up water and loosened debris with the sponges and rags.

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