DIY Sofa Cleaning Method to Remove Blood Stains

remove blood stainsBlood stains are stubborn if they are on your couch. There can be some situations that you or your family members leave these blood stains accidentally on the couch. It is necessary to remove blood stains as they look ugly and ruin the whole look of the couch. In this article, I will share a DIY sofa cleaning method that you can use to remove blood stains. It is more effective when you use it to remove fresh blood stains. It takes longer or demands professional blood stain removal service from the experts.

Items Needed To Remove Blood Stains:

  • Clean dry cloth
  • White napkins
  • Cold water
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Method To Remove Blood Stains:

  • If you witness a fresh blood mark, quickly grab a clean cloth and blot the portion with the cloth to blot up the blood from the couch. Please make sure that you are not rubbing the cloth on the couch as it will push down the blood stains deep inside the fiber.
  • Take a clean dry cloth and blot it into the cold water. Drain excessive water to make the cloth moist. Blot this cloth on the affected area to blot blood. Do not rub. You can gently clean the blood by cleaning it in a vertical manner.
  • Once the blood stain is removed, get a clean dry cloth and place it in the moist area to remove moisture completely.


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If the above mentioned does not remove blood stains, then you need to use another effective blood stain removal, called, Hydrogen Peroxide. Below is the method to clean the sofa with this cleaner:

  • Blot the hydrogen peroxide on the area with blood stains and clean it in a vertical manner. It will create foam as it creates a chemical reaction with the blood. Use a paper napkin available in pure white color to blot the foam. Change the patch of the napkin or use another dry napkin to remove moisture from the couch. It is necessary to remove all moisture as part of the effective sofa cleaning process.

This is one of the most effective and easy ways to remove blood stains from your couch. At any point, do not run the couch as it will show that portion worn and make your couch looking ugly. 

It will work well if your blood stains are fresh. However, if this sofa cleaning method does not remove the stains or if the stains of blood are stubborn, then call a professional sofa cleaning service provider.

The professional sofa cleaning company will have high quality blood stain removal solutions and tools which will definitely remove all blood spots and stains without harming the material of your couch.


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