Effective Guide to Getting Glue Out of the Carpet

Everyone loves to have plush and clean carpet. Everyday carpet cleaning and occasional professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne can help in maintaining the carpet in the good condition. However, what if glue gets spilt on your carpet? Well, it is definitely tough to remove glue and its spots completely, but with the correct cleaning method, you can get glue out of the carpet completely.

DIY Hack 1:

  • If glue is fresh and still wet, then take paper towels and start dabbing the affected area.
  • This method of carpet cleaning Melbourne will transfer glue from the carpet to the paper towels.

DIY Hack 2:

  • Take iron and heat it up. Don’t use the steam option or steam iron here.
  • Put the carpet area with hot glue on the ironing board. The glue side should be on the top.
  • Lay a paper on the stained area. This is used to get the glue out of the carpet completely.
  • Iron the area. It will melt the glue and transfer it from the carpet to the paper.
  • Take off the paper. If you still see the glue on the carpet, then change the paper or side of it and repeat the same process.

DIY Hack 3:

  • This carpet cleaning Melbourne method is useful if you act immediately or as soon as possible to remove the glue and its stains. It is also helpful because some sorts of glue may dry quite fast and removing dry glue is quite tough in some condition.
  • Scrap off the glue using a sharp knife. If it is somewhat wet, it will be removed quickly.
  • You can use this cleaning method even on the dry glue spill on the carpet, but in that case, it will take longer to get removed. You will need to scrap for a longer time.

DIY Hack 4:

  • Freeze the carpet into the freezer to freeze it.
  • Once the glue is frozen, it would be easier to get glue out of the carpet by simply scraping it.
  • You may have some stains behind, but that can be removed with any stain removal carpet cleaning hack.

DIY Hack 5:

  • This method will be useful if the glue is dried out. You will need to keep patience to get glue out of the carpet as it is in dry condition.
  • Take a knife and scrape off as much glue as you can from the surface.
  • Take one cup of cold water and pour it on the affected area to dilute the stain and glue.
  • Create a cleaning mixture using cold water and oxygen bleach.
  • Put the affected area in this water and leave it for 8 hours.
  • This process will not only remove glue but also its stains.

Even after applying these methods, if you cannot get glue out of the carpet, then you must take the help of professionals for carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

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