Effortless Tips to Keep Your Carpet Kid Proof

Kids are home for a long time in Australia and still more time to go. Handling kids and at the same time, keeping the house clean is tough. Kids are prone to spill things here and there. The easiest victim of kids’ naughty activities is carpet.
Carpet cleaning becomes a routine job as most of the time, kids play on it most of the time. We have come up with easy to practice tips to keep your carpet kid-proof and save on professional carpet cleaner:

1. Add Carpet Cleaning in Regular Errands

  • Forget habit of vacuuming the carpet once a month.
  • Carpet cleaning needs to be part of daily routines. Yes, you need thorough vacuuming once a week, but a quick hand over the carpet will help you stop pushing dirt in the carpet.
  • Thoroughly sprinkle baking soda on the carpet. Let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes and then vacuum clean it. You can do it once a month.

2. Keep Cotton Socks On

  • Running on the carpet with shoes or bare feet should be avoided. Kids are more likely to forget this. Therefore, ask them to not remove socks and not wear footwear.
  • Footwear definitely makes the carpet cleaning difficult. At the same time, bare feet are also not good.
  • Bare feet leave the body oil on the carpet, which increases grime and dirt on it.
  • Bare feet also spread dead skin on the carpet. This attracts mites, which can cause allergy and sickness.
To avoid all these allergens and dirt make sure everyone in the house keep their socks on, especially, kids.

3. Act Fast on Spills and Stains

  • Kinds tend to spill food and liquid on the carpet. This cannot be avoided completely. Thus, the best approach to save on professional carpet cleaner is to act fast.
  • If you act as soon as you see the spill, you can restrain it to become a stain. Likewise, by quickly addressing a stain, you can make sure you will not need professional carpet cleaning expert to remove that stubborn stain.
  • You can use a carpet protector. Most of the protectors make sure the stains do not stick to the carpet, so it can be removed easily.
  • You can use various DIY hacks available for different types of carpet to remove stains or to address the spill. We have many DIY hacks and guides on the same in our blog section.
  • Make sure to be gentle with your carpet while cleaning it. Rubbing the stain or using the wrong cleaners can damage it.

4. Get Area Rug

  • In the high traffic area, place area rug instead of carpet. It will save your expensive carpet as well as your efforts on carpet cleaning.
  • You can also place an area rug on the carpet if needed to make it kid-proof.
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