Everything You Need to Know about Attic Duct Cleaning

If you have attic ductwork for your HVAC system, then you need to take extra care in maintaining it. Remember, and air duct cleaning need extra efforts for the attic system compared to its counterpart. To help you maintain your attic ducted system at its best, we will share every important tip in this article.

1. Mould Can Be a Major Issue

  • The structure of the attic ducted system causes the development of mould in the HVAC system much faster.
  • The moisture carried out due to heat gets converted into the mould when the moisture condenses. This results in the development and growth of mould quite fast.
  • Effective air duct cleaning Melbourne to remove mould is necessary else it may not only malign the air quality but also cause respiratory health issues.
  • Insulation and sealing by professionals can also be a great way to prevent mould from building up in your attic ducted system. The company offering duct cleaning Melbourne can also provide sealing and insulation service.
  • If possible, do not make a huge difference in the temperature to reduce the heating and condensing process. This can help in reducing mould build up in the ducted system.

2. Maintain the Duct in Good Quality with Regular Insulation and s

  • Attic ductwork can increase the temperature in the ducted system quite high, approx. 150 degrees and in some cases even higher than that.
  • This hot air gets to travel through your ducted system and can cause several issues. Thus, it is necessary to take good care of your attic ducted system.
  • Regularly get it inspected for leaks or insulation issues from the air duct cleaning experts.
  • If there is a leak or issue with insulation, it is possible that your HVAC will leak hot air. This will cause discomfort.
  • It will also increase your utility bills, which will make it an expensive system to use.
  • Take help from a reliable duct cleaning Melbourne company to get your attic ductwork cleaned and inspected. If needed, invest in proper insulation and required s. This will make sure you get good air and low utility bills.
  • If your utility bills have increased for the past few months, then this can be a sign to get your attic system inspected.

3. More Frequent Air Duct Cleaning

  • The hot air and condensing process not only affect the attic but also affect the air filters, duct, vents, etc. This can build up mould and become a breeding ground for other bacteria, viruses, etc.
  • Therefore, attic ductwork needs more frequent air duct cleaning from professionals compared to its counterparts.
  • The professional company that offers duct cleaning Melbourne will suggest the interval of cleaning the attic ductwork.
  • You can also get the annual contract that not only includes cleaning of the attic ductwork¬†but also includes inspection and required s to keep the ducted system in an efficient mode.
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