Fallacy and Disbeliefs Related to Office Carpet Cleaning Services

office carpet cleaning

Carpets in offices get dirtier than carpets in the houses. Thus, it is necessary to call professionals to perform expert office carpet cleaning at least once in six months. However, there are many companies that believe in some carpet cleaning myths and due to that avoid using professional office carpet cleaning service. In this article, I will briefly talk about the top carpet cleaning myths that are completely false and you should stop believing those.

1. Professional Carpet Cleaning For Office Is Expensive

This is one of the biggest carpet cleaning myths that prevents office owners from taking advantage of office cleaning services for the office carpet. There are many companies such as Lotus that offer professional office carpet cleaning services at reasonable rates. Of course, it is an additional cost to be added to the company expenses, but it is way better than the cost of replacing a spoiled carpet or invest in recovering from health illnesses.

2. Carpet Cleaning Means Dust Cleaning

Almost 7 out of 10 people think that office carpet cleaning means removing dust from the surface of the carpet. This is not true at all. A carpet is a house of some bacteria breeds and also collects debris. The office carpets may also have some stains and odor to be removed. The professional office carpet cleaning company will not only remove the dirt, but it will also eradicate stains and sanitize the carpet to give quality air and ambiance to the office.

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3. Renting Cleaning Tools Is Better

Of course, renting cleaning tools is cheaper, but not at all better. One of the biggest carpet cleaning myths is that anyone can effectively clean the carpet if he has cleaning tools. There are some stores that give cleaning machines and tools on rent. However, you may not have that much-needed knowledge of knowing the correct cleaning process. Novice cleaning may spoil your carpet and increase the cost as you will need to replace it with the new one.

4. Office Cleaning Company Uses Strong Cleaning Solutions

The professional office carpet cleaning removes all stains and makes the carpet look and smells good. Thus, people hold a common carpet cleaning myth that the office cleaning companies use a harsh cleaning solution that hurts the fiber of the carpet and decreases the life of it. The expert carpet cleaning companies usually have experts that use the cleaning solution according to the carpet fabric and type which are EPA-approved. Some companies also use environment friendly cleaning solutions. It never hurts the office carpet.

Office carpet cleaning is much more essential than many people believe. Furthermore, there are many fallacies related to it. It is recommended to contact a reliable carpet cleaning company and use its services to clean the office carpet.


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