Green Cleaning Workshop: A Definitive Move towards Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning Workshop
Analisa and Under Your Sink, both are popular names. Analisa has been sharing some amazing DIY
house cleaning guides, tips, and tricks. She also has been reviewing different products used in the cleaning services. Moving forward, she is bringing an interactive workshop around Victoria.

Event Details:

Name: Green Cleaning Workshop

Date: 9 Feb 2020

Time: 10:30 AM to 12 PM

Venue: South Melbourne Community Centre

Why You Must Attend This Workshop?

If you are wondering, whether you should attend this event or not, I would like to recommend you must be part of it. Here are the top 4 reasons to be part of the Green Cleaning workshop.

1. You Will Learn About Green Cleaning

There are many toxic house cleaning products available in the market. You may harm your furniture, upholstery, and other items by using these cleaners. In this event, Analisa will cover the following things to generate more awareness about green cleaning:

  • Details about toxic cleaning solutions
  • Myth busters such as mixing vinegar and Bicarb
  • Reasons to use green cleaning services

2. You Will Know Cleaning More Closely

Did you know there is the chemistry behind cleaning? She will cover this topic. In this workshop, you will learn to understand cleaning services even better.

  •  Learn about the chemistry behind cleaning
  • Understand the best practices of cleaning
  • Learn the fundamentals of getting started with the cleaning process
  •  Learn about the top resources to get products for green cleaning

3. Cleaning Will Be Made Handy For You

Cleaning often seems a heavy job to many. However, this workshop will bust this myth. You will learn about some really cool hacks used by the top cleaning services companies in Australia such as:

  •  Perfect cleaning material ingredients that make the complete toolkit
  •  DIY hacks and guides for green cleaning of laundry, dishes, etc.
Recipes to make the following:
  • Laundry powder
  • Blotch cleaning solution
  • Laundry cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaning solution
  • Dish cleaner
  • And more

You will learn about the DIY hacks of creating cleaning pastes and sprays that can effectively clean your bathroom, dishes, laundry, and other items.

4. Exciting Rewards

Analisa has arranged some interesting rewards for the people who will attend this event in Victoria such as:

  • Discount voucher of Under Your Sink. You can buy items for house cleaning from Under Your Sink at 20% off
  • Handcrafted goodies with sample packs
  • workbook


Analisa has brought an amazing Green Cleaning Workshop, which aims to benefit its participants in multiple ways. From getting goodies and a discount coupon to learning some effective DIY house cleaning hacks; everything will be made available in this one and half-hour long event. Don’t miss it!


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