How Can I Shampoo my Carpet Without a Machine?

clean carpet without shampoo

Whether you want to
clean carpet without shampoo or with shampoo, the first thing coming in your mind must be a carpet cleaning machine. You might find it impossible to clean the carpet without using a carpet cleaning machine. Thus, the carpet is not cleaned for long in some houses. Carpet Cleaning is important. Not only to make it look spotless and good, but also to keep yourself and family healthy. This article shares a carpet cleaning method to clean and sanitise it without any machine.

Things Require To Clean And Sanitise:

  • Shampoo if you want to clean with shampoo. To clean the carpet without shampoo, you can choose any other carpet cleaning solution of your preference.
  • Warm water
  • Clean water
  • Bristle brush
  • 2 buckets and
  • Clean cloth or towels

How To Create Carpet Cleaning Solution:

  • In a bucket, mix warm water and shampoo to perform carpet shampoo cleaning. To perform carpet cleaning without shampoo, use the solution you have chosen. Mix them well

Make sure, you do not take a lot of shampoo or solution as excessiveness of it will make rinsing tougher.

5 Simple Carpet Cleaning Process:

  1. Pick up things, if there are any, from the carpet to make the cleaning process faster and hassle free
  2. If your carpet is dusty, you need to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum dust away from it. I know, we were not supposed to use a machine, but it is obligatory in case of a dusty carpet.
  3. Take the bristle brush, dip it in the prepared carpet cleaning solution and scrub it on the carpet. The areas with stains and spots need to be cleaned with a little more water and crisp scrubbing. Start from one corner of the carpet and move towards the next. Make sure that you do not soak the carpet with too much wetness.
  4. Take another bucket full of clean water. Soak the towel or cloth in it and squeeze it to take away unnecessary water from it. Rub the carpet with this towel from the one corner of the carpet to the last one; the area which was scrubbed with the carpet cleaning solution. Go over this process until you eliminate cleaning shampoo or solution from the carpet completely.
  5. Take a dry towel to soak excess water from the towel by wiping the carpet with it. Rub and press the towel on the areas with much wetness. You can also switch on all fans to reduce drying time. Make sure the carpet gets dry completely to prevent mold and bacteria.

When the carpet is in the cleaning process or not dried out completely, you need to make sure nobody walks on it.

This is a simplified way to clean carpet without shampoo or with shampoo, but without using any machines at home.


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