How do You Get Nail Polish Out of The Carpet

All girls and sometimes boys as well face this horrible situation of seeing nail polish on the carpet. By mistake losing balance or bumping the object having the nail polish bottle can make you lose a heartbeat sometimes. You might have searched for spilled nail polish remover on the carpet in panic mode to remove it from the carpet.
We have come up with DIY hacks for nail polish remover.
Before applying the guide of nail polish remover, you need to know whether it is
  • Spill or
  • Stain

As you know, both are different. The spill is if you have witnessed spilling nail paint. On the other hand, the stain is, it got unnoticed and now you need to remove a stubborn stain of it. Like a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne company, you need to apply different cleaning methods on them. The stain is treated differently than a spill.


Guide to remove the spill (fresh stain):

  • As soon as you see nail paint spilled on the carpet, act at rocket speed to not let it go deeper into the carpet roots.
  • Grab paper towels quickly and start blotting the spill. Remember, you need to blot it, not rub it. This first step of nail polish remover will take off excess paint from the surface of the carpet.
  • Take a spoon or dull knife and gently scratch the nail polish from the surface.
  • If you still have nail paint on the carpet, take a clean cloth and damp it in the rubbing alcohol and blot the area again. Repeat this process until you get rid of the stain.

Nail polish remover guide for stubborn stains:

  • Put on the gloves to keep your hands safe.
  • Damp a clean cloth with Goo-Gone or hydrogen peroxide available in a brown bottle (3%).
  • Dab this damp cloth on the stain. Be gentle and do not rub the carpet otherwise it can be damaged.
  • Dab process will begin transferring nail paint from the carpet to the cloth.
  • Repeat the process of damping cloth in Goo-Gone or hydrogen peroxide and dabbing until the stain is completely removed from the carpet.

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Important tips:

  • It is advisable to check the manufacturer’s warning before applying any nail polish remover solution on the carpet.
  • If you are using a specific solution for spilled nail polish remover on the carpet, then you must spot test it before applying on the carpet to assure it is safe for it.
  • You can trim the area with a scissor if nail paint stain is on the top only, but be cautious while trying this.
  • Always wear gloves while applying any nail polish remover.
  • You should not apply hydrogen peroxide directly on the carpet. You must make sure to take it on a clean cloth and dab the cloth on the stained area of the carpet.

Even after applying these nail polish remover DIY hacks, you see stains, then the only way to remove them is calling an expert Carpet Cleaning Melbourne company.

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