How Often Should Ducted Heating Be Serviced?

People often look for easy and cheap ways, but trust me
professional duct cleaning is necessary. When someone hears this the next question comes in how often should we get our duct system serviced? The simple and quick answer is regularly. If you need numbers I would say at an interval of three to six months. The interval actually depends on many factors such as the age of your ducted system, the environment, weather, etc. The important question is not how often, but why so often. Let me share why professional duct cleaning at a regular interval is so vital.


The ducted heating system is the tool which lets you keep your house or office warm in winters and cool in summers. It lets you keep the temperature even in all rooms. In fact, you can also select a different temperature for each room. The efficiency of heating and cooling relies on the efficiency of the system. This efficiency can be maintained only by professional ducted heating cleaning. If your system can’t let you keep the temperature as per your comfort, it is of no use. If you don’t perform regular central heating system cleaning you may face several issues such as:

Resolve 4 Issues with Regular Central Heating System Cleaning

  • The ducted heating system will use more energy to work which will increase your electricity bill.
  • It may contaminate the air and this contaminated air will get circulated in your house or office. This would result in respiratory or other diseases.
  • It may stop cooling down or heating the rooms efficiently, which will make it useless.
  • The system may get failed and this will result in expensive s and in some cases a complete change of the system. As you know the central duct system is extremely expensive. It will make a hole in your pocket if you need to change it before the expected time.

To overcome all above mentioned issues you must invest on central heating system cleaning by the professionals. They will not only clean the system to work more efficiently, but they will also identify the defective system parts so you can get them ed on time. This and replacement of faulty parts will be way cheaper than fixing the ducted heating system after the breakdown. The professional duct heating cleaning team cleans all filters and parts of the system as well as checks them for the best performance.

When you think about using the professional duct cleaning service, it is necessary to use the service of a renowned and reliable company. Lotus is one of the most reputable companies that offer the best central heating system cleaning services. They will guide you about how often you need this service and make sure you get the value over the money. To know more about their service or to get answers to your queries, get in touch.


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