How Often Should I Clean My Tile Floor

Maintaining your tiles in good shape is necessary because it will bestow several benefits such as:
  • Give great appearance to your rooms, driveways, etc.
  • It will keep your family safe from allergens lying on filthy tiles
  • It will save money on expensive tile cleaning solutions and services
  • It will make sure you do not need to change your tiles too often as they can be even more expensive

One of the easiest ways for good tile is regular tile cleaning.
Now, the question is how often should you clean the tiles?
The answer depends on various factors and one of them is the number of footfalls on your tiles.
To help you with selecting the right tile flooring cleaning routine, here are the tips and frequency to keep in mind.

Regular Tile Cleaning Frequency

  • By regular tile cleaning what we mean is dusting, sweeping, and mopping the tile floors.
  • You can do this once in two to three days if you have a tile floor in each area that faces less traffic.
  • However, high traffic areas need daily tile flooring cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Frequency

  • One of the important regimes to follow for tile flooring cleaning is deep cleaning.
  • You need deep cleaning once a month. However, if you have kids and pets, then you should deep clean tiles at an interval of 15 to 20 days.
  • In a deep cleaning, you clean the tiles with more detailing and give extra attention to grout cleaning.
  • For this, the first step is vacuum cleaning the tiles and grout to eliminate debris, dust and hard objects.
  • Once vacuum cleaning is done, you should clean tile and grout with a mild detergent or liquid detergent. Make sure you use chemical-free soap, so it does not damage the tiles during the tile cleaning process.
  • After cleaning the tiles with detergent water, rinse or mop the tiles with clean water.
  • Do not forget to mop at the end of the cleaning session to reduce drying time.
  • Sometimes, deep cleaning will also need scrubbing. Be gentle to make sure you do not damage tiles or scrape off the grout.

Professional tile cleaning:

  • To take good care of tiles, it is necessary to use professional tile cleaning from a company that expertise in cleaning tiles.
  • You need this service at an interval of three to six months, depending on the footfalls on the tile floor. Your professional cleaning company can also suggest you the interval between two professional tile flooring cleaning sessions.
  • The professional cleaners will not only clean tiles to give them back their glittery finish, but they will also take care of other things such as sanitizing, deodorizing, killing bacteria, mould, etc., and sealing grout, if needed. Inclusion will depend on your cleaning contract, but usually, professional tile cleaning includes all necessary things.

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So, this is the answer to your confusing question, “How often should I clean my tile flooring?”
If you have any further questions related to tile cleaning, leave them in the comment section.


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