How Sealing Can Help Extend the Life of Your Tile and Grout

You must be putting a lot of efforts to keep your kitchen counter, bathroom and other areas with tiles look clean and shining. However, getting stains and marks on the tiles is quite common. Of course, the professional tire floor cleaning service can restore the new alike look of your tiles. However, you cannot invest too frequently in a professional cleaning service.
There is something more that you can do to keep tiles clean and well maintained. Tile and grout cleaning and sealing in Melbourne is getting popular for many reasons as it benefits in several ways in keeping tiles and grout well maintained.

What is Tile and Grout Sealing?

  • The process of tile and grout sealing is applying a protective liquid layer on the tiles and grout.
  • The professional company offering tile and grout cleaning and sealing in Melbourne applies a sealer to coat the tiles and grout.

What are the major benefits of tile and grout sealing?

There are many benefits of investing in professional tile and grout cleaning and sealing in Melbourne. Here are the top benefits of tile sealing:

1. Get Rid of Stains

  • Similar to your upholstered furniture, tiles and grout are likely to get stained.
  • Marks of water, mould and mildew are common on the tiles, which are difficult to remove without a professional tile floor cleaning service.
  • Additionally, if anyone spills liquid or drop food on the tiles, they are likely to get stained.
  • The tile and grout sealing works as an additional outer layer, which protects the tiles and grout from stains.
  • Even if you get some stains, with a simple DIY tile and grout cleaning hack you will be able to remove it.

2. Tiles Cleaning and Become Easier and Cheaper

  • The tile and grout cleaning and sealing in Melbourne includes cleaning the tiles and grout and then applying sealer on it to create a protective coating on the tiles and grout.
  • This coating is transparent and smooth. It makes sure dirt, dust, water, etc. do not penetrate into the tiles and grout.
  • Therefore, tile and grout cleaning becomes easier and faster. With wet and dry moping the tiles and grout can be cleaned.
  • Also, the sealer makes sure that the tiles and grout don’t get damaged with wear and tear. This extends the life of tiles and grout.
  • As the tiles and grout are less likely to get stubborn stains or get damaged. The cleaning and become quite simpler and pocket friendly.

3. It Reduces Oxidation

  • Oxidization on tiles is common especially when it is made of ceramic.
  • It not only makes it look ugly but also reduces the life of the tiles.
  • The frequent tile and grout cleaning will not be helpful to reduce oxidation.
  • The sealing of tile and grout can work as an outer protection layer, which will prevent oxidation.


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