How Small Steps Can Keep Your Office COVID Free

As the novel pandemic is still shaking the world, it has become necessary to take preventive steps to stay safe from Coronavirus. Work should also continue as making bread and butter for living is equally important. This blog gives some vital tips that will help offices continue their operations as well as keep office space safe for employees.

1. Work with Minimum Staff or Remotely

  • In Australia, the spread of COVID 19 is in control and lockdowns are lifted from Australian cities. Still, being safe is necessary.
  • If possible, let your staff work from home. If you are going to start the office, make sure you invest in professional service for furniture and carpet cleaning in Melbourne or your city to keep the office clean and sanitized.
  • The next preventive step for offices that are open or going to open is to keep distance among employees. If possible work with minimal or 50% of staff. You can call team members on alternative days to keep staff with low risk.

2. Regular Carpet Cleaning and Sanitization

  • Whether your office is still closed or open, professional carpet cleaning services are necessary to keep your carpets clean and sanitized.
  • The carpet is likely to have droplets, which can cause COVID infection if someone picks ups something fallen on the carpet and forget to sanitize hands.
  • Steam carpet cleaning services clean the carpet at using very high temperature, so it will not only clean the carpet, but it will also remove 99.99% of germs, bacteria, viruses, etc.
  • Even if you have cleaning staff, it is advisable to use a professional service regularly for the safety of the cleaning staff as well.

3. Sanitize Surfaces and Other Items

  • It is necessary to keep things sanitized to minimize the risk of COVID 19. For this sanitization of surfaces and things like desks, chairs, doorknobs, etc. is necessary.
  • You can have a disinfectant spray in the office, which can be used at the time of office and carpet cleaning in Melbourne. The cleaning staff can sanitize the office items along with cleaning them.
  • You can also take occasional professional cleaning and sanitizing services from the professional company. The company that provides carpet cleaning services also provides office upholstery and other cleaning and sanitization service.

4. Encourage and Enforce Healthy Habits

  • We all are aware of the healthy habits that can help us stay safe from this fatal virus. Even if the spread of COVID 19 is slowed down in Australia, everyone needs to follow safety measures.
  • Motivate or enforce your staff to wear a mask and keep social distance.
  • All staff members should sanitize or clean their hands frequently.

5. Proper Ventilation

  • As per the new study of WHO, areas with poor ventilation are more likely to increase the spread of COVID 19.
  • It is necessary to have better ventilation. Make sure your HVAC system works perfectly fine.
  • You should also regularly change the air filter and get your HVAC cleaned.


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