How to Clean and Maintain Carpet Like a Pro

Just carpet cleaning might not help you get the best results. To help you clean and maintain your carpet like a pro, here we come up with some vital carpet cleaning tips. These tips are shared by the leading companies offering professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne.

1. Vacuum Often and Regularly

  • Dirt and dust can cause damage to the carpet such as making the carpet shine dull, scratching the fibre, etc.
  • Oil particles like oily soil can draw more dust particles towards it to make your carpet filthy.
  • Cleaning dirt is necessary to keep your carpet in a good shape along with keeping them clean and hygienic.
  • Regular carpet cleaning can keep dirt, dust, and correlated damages away from the carpet.
  • As per the experts of professional carpet cleaning Melbourne, carpets with heavy footfalls should be cleaned twice or thrice a week. Carpet with less traffic can be cleaned once a week.

2. Vacuum Clean Correctly

  • The vacuum needs to be in a clean state. You must replace its filters every three to four months for excellent results.
  • Vacuum cleaning should be slow, so dirt and dust can be lifted completely. If you have set your vacuum cleaner too high, then it would just roll over and won’t be able to pick up dirt.
  • If your vacuum cleaner is set to low speed, then it will not have the required suction power and the carpet cleaning will not give the expected result.

3. Stains Need To Be Cleaned At The Earliest Possible

  • As per the service providers of professional carpet cleaning Melbourne, stains can cause permanent damages to the carpet.
  • As soon as spillage or stain comes to your attention, it has to be treated to get removed without damaging the carpet.
  • Do not use chemical-based carpet cleaning solutions for stain cleaning as that can damage or discolour the carpet.

4. Be Careful While Using DIY Hacks

  • The web is flooded with DIY carpet cleaning hacks that give results like professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne.
  • While selecting a DIY hack to clean your carpet, it is necessary to be conscious of the fact that all DIY hacks are not suitable for all types of carpets.
  • Before applying a DIY hack, check the manufacturer’s warning to know what you can use to clean the carpet. For example, some carpets can be cleaned with water and some need to be cleaned without water.
  • Always perform spot testing before actually trying a carpet cleaning hack on the stain.

5. Professional Carpet Cleaning is a Must

  • Regular carpet cleaning will help you prevent pollutants from getting piled up over the carpet surface and getting deep down into the fibre roots.
  • However, regular cleaning is not a supplement to professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne.
You have to invest in professional cleaning once every three to six months, depending on the carpet cleaning method you use and the traffic your carpet faces.

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