How to Clean Grout on Tile Floor

If you have light coloured flooring then you are more or less aware of how bad grout can make the whole flooring appear.  For those of you, who aren’t aware, what Grout is, here’s a quick guide for you to understand it all.


We bring to you the best methods of tile and grout cleaning at home.

What is Grout?

During construction, when it’s time to add the finishing touches to the tiles flooring, usually cement is added with water and sand to fill in the cracks between tiles. This does create a good looking floor with your tiles appearing rather pretty.  However, the problem arises when over a period of time, this Grout starts looking brown, black or there appears to be some odd discolouration on them. That’s when comes the time when you need to consider cleaning Grout.

There are a variety of ways you can clean Grout on Tile floor right at home. Here, we share some tried and tested DIY tips on how to clean grout on Tile floor to get them sparkling in no time. You need to rest the Tile Cleaner solution of the tiles before you start working on them.

This time interval is also called the dwell time. You need to rest the cleaning solution for nearly 10-15 minutes before you get your hands dirty literally by scrubbing the nasty dirt out from the tiles.

1. Define the scrubbing movement properly

Be firm, precise and repetitive to get the best results. There are tiny crevices and cracks in the grout so the solution has a good enough chance to seep in. So don’t make large strokes, just take an old toothbrush and firmly scrub so as to get the dirt moving.

2. Mop after you scrub

Once you’re through with scrubbing the dirt and grime out, which will be clearly visible, take a piece of moist cloth and mop it through. Take some drops of your floor cleaner mixed with water and pour the mixture. Finally, rinse it all thoroughly. You will be able to see the sparkling results for yourself.

Things you can use to clean grout at home:

1. H2o2 solution

2. Baking Soda

3. Detergent

4. Soap

If you have used the above ingredients and still have not got the desired result, then your tile and grout need professional assistance. A good tile and grout cleaning service get you to access to experienced qualified professionals who have just the right know-how on getting your tile and grout sparkling with ease.  A professional tile cleaner uses the latest technology including the right set of equipment and cleaning liquids needed to do the job. Some even provide environment-friendly options.

A simple google search will present you with several options for tile and grout cleaning near me or Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne but the best tile and grout cleaning services will be the ones that provide you with the best price, proper consultation and friendly qualified staff who understand your needs and preferences.  

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