How to Clean Sheer Curtains by Yourself In 7 Easy Steps

Home decor is incomplete without curtains, isn’t it? Most of us nowadays are preferring sheer curtains. When it comes to their handling and cleaning, you need to be very careful and cautious. These curtains are really delicate and hence not suitable for machine washes. Wash these delicate darling sheer curtains with hand and handle them with care to continue using them for long.
To guide you through the Sheer Curtain Cleaning Process we have laid down the step by step guideline for the same below.

In 7 Easy Steps Clean Sheer Curtains By Yourself


Step 1: Remove The Curtains From Rods

To begin with the curtain cleaning process, first, you need to remove the curtains from their rods and then shake them gently to remove the excess superficial dust. Post dusting, the second step is to fold the curtains lengthwise. Fold them neatly in a way that they can be easily fit into a sink or plastic container.


Step 2: Wash Curtain

Second, step would be filling up your washing utensil or sink with water. You need to fill half of the washing container with warm water to get your washing done.


Step 3: Use Dish Liquid

Add a few drops of your favourite dish liquid, do not put the soap in excess as it might make the water hard and hence making the washing process really tough.


Step 4: Soak The Curtains

Soak the curtains to be washed in the warm soapy water and let them reside for at least 5 minutes. Do not dip for more than 10 minutes.


Step 5: Rinse Them Gently

Place dry towels on the floor, and gently take the sheer curtains out of the bucket/ washing utensil

or sink and place them on the dry towels. Fold open the sheer curtains and let the towels absorb the water by rolling the towel over the curtains.


Step 6: Unroll The Towel

Unroll the towel and check if the sheer curtains have dried, if not roll them back in the towel and let them stay for a little more time.


Step 7: Hang Them Back

Once the curtains are dry, hang them back on the curtain rods.


Though Sheer Curtain Cleaning can be done at home, hiring professionals for cleaning the curtains can help you in handling them with more care, and also saves you a lot of time and efforts.

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