How to Get Kool Aid Stain Out of the Carpet

Removing kool-aid carpet stain is not at all a simple feat. Moreover, if it is a red kool-aid stain and your carpet is of light colours, you are likely to face a hard time during the carpet stain removal process. But, the good news is there are some DIY hacks, which you can try yourself and get rid of the kool-aid carpet stain.

DIY Hack 1

  1. Mix a half tsp liquid dishwasher into 2 cups of warm water to create an effective carpet stain cleaning solution.
  2. Take a white, clean cloth and moisten it into the cleaning solution. Use this moist cloth to dampen the kool-aid carpet stain.
  3. Take another white cloth and place it on the stained area.
  4. Heat iron on a low setting. Press the heated iron lightly on the stained area. Be gentle and make sure your iron is heated at a low setting only else it can hamper your carpet.
  5. After a few seconds, lift the iron and check the towel. It must be uplifting the stains as an iron will melt, break, and uplift the particles of kool-aid.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the stain is transferred to the cloth. You must keep changing the side of the cloth or change the cloth to keep a clean side on the stain for effective carpet stain removal.
  7. If your carpet starts drying out, damp the white cloth in the cleaning solution and moisten the area again.
  8. Once the kool-aid stain stops transferring to the cloth, take another cloth and rub the area.
  9. In the last step, clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

DIY Hack 2

  1. Mix a half cup of white vinegar into one cup of warm water to make an effective carpet stain removal solution.
  2. Apply this stain removal solution to the stained area. Don’t overwet your carpet as it can spread the stain. You can also use a clean, white cloth to apply the cleaning solution by damping it into the cleaning agent.
  3. Start rubbing kool-aid carpet stain gently in a circular motion from outer edges to inner edges.
  4. Take a clean, dry, white cloth to blot clean the stain. Blotting will help you transfer the stain from the carpet to the cloth.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 until the kool-aid carpet stain is removed completely from the carpet.
  6. Use cold water to rinse the affected area in the last step.

DIY Hack 3

  1. In this method of kool-aid carpet stain removal, cover the stained area with club soda by directly applying it to the stain.
  2. Start lifting the stain using a white, clean cloth and using the blot clean method. Continue blotting until the stain is completely cleaned.
  3. Rinse the carpet with cold water.

Keep in Mind

  • You can also use ammonia for kool-aid carpet stain removal, but it can make your carpet fabric colour lighter. So better to avoid using it.
  • You can also use diluted lemon or scrubbing bubble as an effective carpet stain remover to remove kool-aid carpet stains.

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