How to MAINTAIN your place after Professional Cleaning

We know how our home starts shining after Professional Cleaning. But obviously, after a week the shine fades off and the result of the expensive cleaning gets vanished. How can we maintain the results of the latest cleaning of our home or office? Here, you can get some important points which would help you to maintain the effects of Professional cleaning.
Do you know why do we like neat and clean places? It’s because the clean and healthy environment automatically generates the positive energy surrounding us. For few seconds you just close your eyes and think that after a long tedious time at your office or your workplace, you entered in your clean home..... Just imagine how would you feel at that moment. It makes us relaxing and filled with amazing energy.
So it proves that professional cleaning is necessary for our home and office. But it is not possible to carry out professional cleaning repeatedly during short span. Therefore, the solution is " of Professional Cleaning" ! In this blog, you can learn how to maintain your home or office to make the shine of Professional Cleaning last longer. Here, some major points are described which will make you understand what tasks are required for regular cleaning.


Carpet covers most of area of our home and also contains too much dirt and different harmful germs. Therefore, our carpet needs more care from our side. If you have pet at your home then you have take special care of your carpets. Again you have to ready always for cleaning pet accidents on the carpet.
Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to give a new life to your carpet. But it also requires best after professional cleaning from our side. For that you need to follow few tips mentioned below.
During the Professional Carpet Cleaning, the carpet experts apply protection guards to the carpets which help in preventing the carpets from dust for few weeks. The carpet protectors will do their work ofcourse but you need to do few things by yourself
  • Place door mats at every exterior doorways
  • Avoid Shoes and use soft slippers on your carpet
  • Use dark curtains to prevent your carpets from direct sunlight
  • Vacuuming your carpet regularly keeping traffic and other use factors in mind
  • Always avoid scrubbing the fibers of your carpets
  • Clean the carpets under the furnitures in a week or month
  • Use protective pads under heavy furniture to avoid carpet damage
  • Keep a handy Do-it-Yourself carpet cleaning kit
  • Don’t avoid or postpone ing of your carpet if required


Can you imagine your home perfect without a healthy kitchen? Kitchen is the place from where we consume our daily meal. You may not be aware of another side it becomes the “Living room” for unpredictable germs if hygiene is not maintained properly. Yes, it’s scary but true.
For restaurant owners, kitchen is heart of their business. These kitchens are huge and every kitchen staff should responsible for the cleaning and of their working place. Following tips will be more helpful for them also to maintain their kitchen area. Can you imagine healthy life without healthy food? Not only our health but it also creates our impression amongst our guests, friends, relatives, etc. Let’s take the following tips seriously and make our kitchen healthy and organized!
  • Keep the dishes, floor, and surfaces and especially SINK clean and hygiene
  • Clean Kitchen Cabinets regularly with warm water or soap water
  • Keep Your Counters, Fridge Clean And Organized. Also check items in the fridge for the expiry dates
  • Keep your appliances clean like microwave ovens, stoves, dishwashers, etc. regularly
  • Keep your trash clean and hygiene, wash it regularly
  • Take immediate action when you notice any insects or mice in your kitchen
  • Don’t forget to clean your kitchen chimney in a week or in a month


There are different types of Tiles used at different places of your home or office. Floor Tiles, Bathroom or Toilet Tiles, Kitchen wall Tiles, etc. Therefore, these different tiles need different cleanings depending on the dirt and germs they have occupied during a time period.
Floor or kitchen wall tiles contains less dirt and germs as compare to Bathroom or Toilet Tiles. Therefore, they do not need deep tile cleaning or grout cleaning. All you need to do is just the basic of Floor tiles, i.e. Sweep or vacuum floors. For Kitchen wall tiles, the major concern is the oil stains. This tile needs cleaning weekly or monthly for the oil marks removal.
Tile Cleaning and Maintaining of toilet and bathroom is the first step towards maintaining home hygiene. It’s required to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses in our house or office. Let’s see how we can save our place from these malicious germs.
  • Coat shower walls and doors with a water repellent
  • Clean your bathroom and toilet daily
  • Tile and Grout cleaning and scrubbing weekly or monthly
  • Avoid metallic brush, wax-based cleaners and oil-based detergents for Grout cleaning
  • Use floor mats at entrances and exits
  • Use protective pads under heavy furniture to avoid tile damage
By following these tips you can provide the best to your home for which it deserves.
Thanks to Lotus Cleaning Service providers who is the source of this useful information about cleaning tips for home.


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