How to Make Winter Cleaning Easier than Ever

In Australia, people prefer to stay inside during the winter season. Thus, it is very important that your indoor is clean and hygienic. Each season has its own effect on the weather, people and health. To help you with the best
winter cleaning, here are the top tips:

1. Carpet Cleaning

As in winter season, Australian people choose to stay in the house more, it is important to remove all possible sources of sickness. The carpet cleaning is very important as it can have some pollutants and allergens which can negatively affect the health of the family as there are fewer chances of fresh air to enter the house. Moreover, family members accidentally spill things on the carpet, which leave spots and if not cleaned on time, it can be difficult to remove those stains. The soil building can also make carpet cleaning complicated. Thus, carpet cleaning needs to be on the top list of the daily winter cleaning routine. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet.

2. Duct Cleaning

Your duct system can have debris, allergens or dust. As in winters, we use heater all the time, the air quality gets poorer. Thus, duct cleaning is important in winters. It is advisable to use a professional duct cleaning service when the winter season starts and you can also take at regular intervals to keep your duct system clean. The winter cleaning of duct system will remove all debris, dust and allergens so you and your family can have healthy air circulating in the house. Moreover, it also increases heating efficiency and extend the life of your HVAC.

3. Window Cleaning

The window is a source of fresh light and air. Even if you want to keep windows closed during the winter for all the obvious reasons, keeping windows clean will assure natural light can touch more and give natural warmth to the house.

4. Clean Toys

As kids can’t go out in the winter seasons, they play with their toys. The toys may have some small insects or allergens in it which can make kids sick. Thus, it is important to clean the toys on a regular basis as part of your winter cleaning routine. You can wash them in your dishwasher or by soaking them in detergent powder. Of course, the toy cleaning process can vary according to fabric and type of the toys. But the point is clean toys regularly to keep your kids healthy.

5. Clean Overhead Fans

During winter season, we don’t use fans at all and this collects dust on it. The dust can then get mixed into the overall air and this result in health issues related to respiratory. Thus, clean the overhead fan, time to time to remove dust from it. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean it so it soaks the dust and not make it fall down and circulate in the air.

These are the top 5 winter cleaning tips. Make sure to follow those and stay healthy!

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