How to Prepare Your House for Cleaning Service?

If you have a
home cleaning appointment with a professional cleaning company like Lotus Cleaning Melbourne, the best thing you can do is stay prepared. This will help cleaners to do their job fast and efficiently. In this article, you will learn about the top 5 tips to prepare your house for cleaning.

Top 5 Tips To Prepare Your House for Cleaning Service

1. Organize things

It is the best idea to get the area ready for cleaning so the cleaning team doesn’t need to wait until you free up space. For example, if your appointment is for professional carpet cleaning, you must remove all furniture to give complete access to the carpet for cleaning. If you are going to have mattress cleaning, remove bed sheets, pillows, and other items from the mattresses well in advance.

2. Inspect the house before cleaning

Generally, all cleaning companies send their staff to inspect the area to be cleaned to give suggestions on getting prepared for the cleaning process. Also, they show you the areas which need so you don’t get into that frustrating feeling of getting damaged due to the cleaning process. You can also do this inspection on your own. This inspection process will also let you mark the areas that need special care. For example, if some areas of the bathroom need a more extensive round of tile and grout cleaning, you can have a note of the same to convey to the cleaners.

3. Keep the area free

When the cleaning process starts, make sure your family members and pets stay away from the place. Imagine that your cleaning staff finishes the upholstery cleaning and your dog leaves hair on the wet upholstery or imagine carpet is still wet after the carpet cleaning process and your kids ran over it with dirty boots. Don’t increase the task of cleaners and time of cleaning. Keep everyone in a room or a place away from the area to be cleaned. Also, don’t enter that area until it is dry and ready to use.

4. Give your notes before cleaning

If you have something specific to share such as you prefer a specific type of cleaning adhesive for your carpet cleaning process or stains that need to be tackled during the mattress cleaning process, you must tell that in advance. This will make sure everything goes in an expected way.

5. Give access

If you will not be available during the cleaning process, you have to make sure that the cleaning staff has access to the house and all areas that need to be cleaned. It is always advisable to stay home, at least, at the beginning of the cleaning process so you can have a discussion of some specific requests. However, if you can’t stay home for whatsoever reasons, you need to make sure the cleaning staff has access to the house and everything they may need for effective cleaning.

These are the top 5 tips to keep in mind to stay prepared for the cleaning process. Lotus Cleaning Melbourne’s staff will guide you to take required actions before, during and after the cleaning to assure the best value over money. Get in touch to know more about the cleaning service of Lotus Cleaning Melbourne.


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