Learn How To Use A Protective Spray For Suede Couch in 7 Steps

Cleaning a suede couch is not an easy job, that does not make suede
couch cleaning any less necessary and important. People who have suede couches are often sophisticated and suave having a good taste in design and press on perfection. Unclean suede couch cranks up their OCD more than anything else.


In this blog, we will guide you how you can get your fancy suede couches as good as new again just by using one simple couch cleaning product - a suede protective spray.


What is a Suede Protective Spray?


Protective sprays are officely available that you can directly spray on your suede couches. These protective sprays are generally water based or solvent based. Spraying it on your suede couch can create a protective layer over your suede furniture or any other suede products, although it does not foolproof the articles of all kinds of stains it helps in keeping them clean for a longer period of time.


Lotus Cleaning Professionals use Scotchgard protective spray for sofa upholstery cleaning.


How to Clean a Suede Couch with a Protective Spray?


Step 1: Check The Manufacturer’s Label


You should be aware that once you spray on a newly bought suede couch you might lose the warranty.


Check the manufacturer’s label and pay attention to all the specific instructions.


Step 2: Keep Kids and Pets Away In Spraying Area


If there are kids and pets in the house you would want to make sure they do not enter the room where the spraying is going on, and until the entire cleaning procedure ends which would take 12 hours approx.


Step 3: Open The Windows


Open the windows of the room where your suede furniture is at, you also would want to check if your air duct and ventilation service is working fine as the fumes from the aerosol spray shall be ventilated and breathing them should be avoided as much as possible.


You can also wear a painter’s mask.


Step 4: Spray One Portion


Spray one portion of the couch at a time, then let it stay, the open ventilated room will allow the fresh air to pass in and the fumes to go away. After 10-20 minutes choose another portion.


Step 5: Keep The Scotchgard Spray Away


Now while spraying keep the Scotchgard spray 8-12 inch away from the sofa or there will be ‘running’ and if you keep it away there would be irregular patches.


Move the spray from left to right, in other words, sweep the spray, do not keep it pointing at one place.


Step 6: Cover Upholstery Or Fabric


You will have to work on the upholstery for two or three times in order to get your fabric or upholstery fully covered.


Step 7: Let It Dry


Let it dry, turn on the fans, keep the windows open and do not let kids or pet use the sofa. Your suedes will be all good to use after 12 hours.


We hope this article will be helpful in keeping your suede furniture cleaner for a long time. If you do not want any hassle and want to get suede couch cleaning done by the pros - you should go for couch steam cleaning. To know more about it call Lotus Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne on 0425 029 990.


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