Major Reasons for Water Damage Carpet

Carpets are important household things. It not only keeps your floor clean, reduces carpet cleaning Melbourne efforts, but it also gives a beautiful look to the house interior. Carpets are expensive. Therefore, proper care and of the carpet are necessary.
If you do not notice water damage carpet early and do not take the required water damage carpet cleaning action, then it might cause serious issues such as:
  • Bad odour in the house
  • Bacteria growth
  • Mould infestation
  • Completely ruining your carpet
Therefore, knowing what can cause carpet water damage and taking the required steps can help you take preventive steps.

Major Causes of Water Damage Carpet:

1. Drainage Clogging

  • The drainage system in a house works to take the filthy water out.
  • The drainage system is prone to get clogged. If any part of it gets clogged, then it will not make way for filthy water. This can cause an overflow of unclean water. This can result in wreaked havoc.
  • Imagine filthy water, full of dirt, grime, and bacteria, all over your carpet. This is one of the common causes of water damaged carpet.
  • This needs to be fixed immediately with the right water damage carpet cleaning.
  • As preventive steps keep eyes on your drainage system and clean it regularly.

2. Leakage in plumbing pipes

  • This is also a common cause of water damaged carpet. The plumbing pipes make water available in different rooms of your house.
  • A leak in any of the plumbing pipes can result in corrosion, which leads to waterflood.
  • This can wet your carpet enough to water damage it and you have to immediately call an expert of water damage Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.
  • To avoid this situation, regularly call a plumber to check the possibility of a leak or corrosion. You can also keep eyes to see if there is any moisture in walls or floor.

3.  Snow and Rain Making Their Way into the House

  • You cannot control rainfall or snowfall similar to controlling drainage and plumbing system in the house. However, you can definitely take preventive steps.
  • According to a water damage carpet cleaning company, this is the main reason behind carpet water damage. In fact, it can damage the carpet completely if proper cleaning and drying steps are not taken.
  • Similar to rainfall, snowfall can also be the reason for water damage carpet if snow is making its way in. Snow can melt and result in water. Unnoticed melted snow can become a reason for water damage carpet.
  • To prevent this cause of water damage carpet and save on water damage carpet cleaning Melbourne, you can take preventive steps such as:
    • Get rooftops inspected for possible leakage
    • Keep doors and windows closed during snowfall and rainfall
    • Use dehumidifier to wipe off excess moisture
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