Professional Air Duct Cleaning Helps Combating Allergies

The air duct system gets built to filter pollutants and allergens out of the system. However, sometimes it happens that the air duct cleaning system fails. In that case, the air duct circulates allergens in your house. This can evoke allergies.
A professional air duct cleaning can help in combating allergies. Let’s explore how.

1. Cleans all Types of Allergens from the Ducted System

  • Allergens are likely to become airborne and enter the ducted system if not cleaned properly.
  • However, professional air duct cleaning can remove all major allergens from the ducted system.
Major allergens that can be removed by an air duct cleaning system:
  • Mould: Mould growth is common in the ducted system as moisture and humidity are found there easily. It releases airborne mould spores. It can cause respiratory disease and allergy.
  • Dust and debris: This is also allergens that can trigger asthma and breathing issue. Unclean house, upholstery, etc. can also add up to dust and debris.
  • Pollen can pollute the air through your ducted system. The air duct cleaning system can stop the spread.
  • Pet dander, rodent, cockroaches, etc. are some more contributors that can contaminate the air.
  • A majority of these allergens are airborne and can trigger different allergies in humans and even in pets such as bad stomach, breathing issues, red eyes, running nose, asthma, etc.
The professional air duct cleaning can thoroughly clean the air duct system and remove all these allergens otherwise getting circulated in the air via your ducted system.

2. Improves Air Quality

  • The air duct cleaning system not only removes allergen from your air duct system, but also helps in improving the overall quality of air.
  • The ducted system usually builds up mould, mildew, some bacteria, viruses, grim, etc. The reason is the ducted system recirculates the same air multiple times a day.
  • The proper cleaning of the house and regular professional air duct cleaning make sure that no pollutants can get recirculated in the house to trigger allergies.
  • The professional air duct cleaning also includes air filter cleaning, so the air gets properly purified before getting circulated. The engineers also replace air filters, if needed. As per the EPA suggestions, air filters need to be replaced every 60 to 90 days. With this, you get quality air circulating in your house.

3. Professionals will Maintain the HVAC System in Good Condition

  • The professional companies offering cleaning service uses the EPA suggested tools for cleaning such as correct vacuum suction, brushes, etc.
  • They will also check ventilation, drain pipe, seals, etc. If required, along with an air duct cleaning system, the professionals will also handle re-insulation, sealing, etc. to ensure your HVAC system is well maintained.
  • Your ducted system circulates good air quality without increasing your utility bills.
  • A well maintained ducted system will also require less frequent professional air duct cleaning.
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